Perilous Gateways

Portals of the Triad

By John Terra

Over five hundred years ago, in the aftermath of the Gathering of the Gods in the Year of the Dawn Rose, the Triad, fearing the increasing incidence of darkness spreading throughout the land, hatched an idea to create a series of portals. Enlisting the aid of Helm, who favored the idea of guarding Faerûn in this manner, the Triad fashioned four portals to aid the forces of good and law to move quickly to better stem the tide of darkness and chaos.

Sadly, as in the case with so many good things, the portals fell into increasing disuse as the centuries passed. Other beings, entities of less principle and more ambition, eventually discovered these powerful magic sources and tacitly claimed them for themselves.

From the cold rushing waters of the River Chionthar, to the barren windswept wastelands of Thar; from the lush, serene forests of Cormanthar, to the border between Cormyr and Sembia, the portals await . . . as do their new guardians.

Tread where the forces of good once trod with these portals

About the Author

A self-described Realms fanatic, John Terra has been gaming since 1978, and he has been doing freelance gaming writing since 1987. He lives in New Hampshire with his lovely wife Carol, four kids, and a black cat named Spooky. When he is not freelancing, John runs several D&D campaigns. Apart from gaming, John freelances for a great metropolitan newspaper, explores old graveyards, and yells at television commercials. His Realms-related work includes The Moonsea, Warriors & Priests of the Realms, and the adventure Four From Cormyr. John's most recent work is a section of Coruscant and the Core Worlds for the Star Wars RPG.

Portals of Faerûn