Perilous Gateways

The Winding Serpent

By James Wyatt

A sinister yuan-ti network stretches across Faerûn, from the jungles of Chult to the depths of Skullport. A master plan unites the creatures' efforts, and magic portals connect their secret temples and lairs. Step through a gateway to mystery, but make sure your swords and spells are ready!

"The Winding Serpent" is a portal network connecting four far-flung regions of Faerûn: the Serpent Hills in the Western Heartlands, the subterranean city of Skullport beneath Waterdeep on the Sword Coast, the Black Jungles of the Chultan Peninsula, and the city of Hlondeth in the Vilhon Reach. These four regions all harbor a significant population of the snake-people called yuan-ti: a cursed race of evil geniuses who plot to dominate the world.

How to Incorporate the Winding Serpent Into Your Champaign

Introduce the Winding Serpent as part of an established campaign, or use the network as the backbone of a mini-campaign all its own. Consider the following hooks to draw characters into yuan-ti plots . . . and their portals.

About the Author

James Wyatt wrote articles for Dragon Magazine and Dungeon Adventures before joining the Wizards of the Coast staff in January 2000. Game design is career number 5, after stints as a childcare worker, ordained minister, technical writer, and web designer. He currently resides in Washington State.

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