Perilous Gateways

Emerald Enclave Portals

By Jeff Quick

The Emerald Enclave is a druidic organization that has existed for almost 1,000 years, and it protects the interests of nature in the face of resource despoilers. Given that in the Forgotten Realms, the myriad "resources" of nature sometimes speak and cry out in pain, defense of nature is not mere tree-hugging. To some, it is a literal civil rights crusade.

Inescapably active in the Vilhon Reach, the Enclave Caretakers have begun to concern themselves with preservation of nature throughout Faerûn. In a recent proactive burst, the Enclave has begun small cells in the largest forests in Faerûn -- the High Forest, Cormanthor, the Wealdath, and the Great Dale forests -- forests they believe need their attention for various reasons. To speed aid to these areas, they've built portals to these forests from their island headquarters of Ilghon. Here is what those portals have wrought.

Expand the radius of druidic circles:

About the Author

Jeff Quick is an award-winning game designer and editor. He has written and edited game products for Wizards of the Coast and White Wolf, and he served as editor of Polyhedron Magazine, senior editor of Star Wars Gamer, and editor-in-chief of Star Wars Insider. He is currently a freelance writer in Washington State. Astonishingly, all of the above is true.

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