Perilous Gateways

Portals Under the Black Gauntlet

By Robert Wiese

Putting the Portals Into Play

The last three weeks, the details of three linked portals in and around the city of Mintar have been revealed. This week, take a look at some plot ideas and adventure hooks that allow you to add these portals to your ongoing FR campaign.

Assuming the PCs do get involved with the anti-Banite forces, they are likely to attract attention to themselves at some point. After the PCs dispatch the first few Banite bands sent to kill them, Darkhope allows one of his assistants (perhaps Victoriana Arianus in Mintar, see part 2 or Neth Arrovar in Kzelter see part 3 the use of a small number of the helmed horrors that the Lord of the Black Gauntlet still commands. (Darkhope had perhaps as many as a dozen of these constructs when he took power, but a few have been lost over the last decade. While the exact number he still controls is unknown, it is assumed to be less than ten, and they're split, with the majority in Mintar, and the remaining few in Kzelter.)

Helmed horrors

Shadow Path