Perilous Gateways

Portals of Anauroch

By Robert Wiese

portalThe Anauroch is the grave of Netheril -- the symbol of overweening pride and the result of misused power. Phaerimms live beneath its sands, as do vicious asabi. Noble Bedine wander its wastes. And the Shade wizards of old Netheril have returned to warp the landscape with their power. Within these sands lie the secrets of ages and the artifacts and ruins left behind of less cautious days. In this arid environment, which tests the mettle of any who would travel here, adventurers seek fortune and lost magic. Occasionally they find some, including a number of portals that offer adventures of their own.

The desert sands part before you to reveal these mysteries:

About the Author

Robert Wiese's love of gaming started in the Boy Scouts, where you'd think there was enough to do to keep one from playing roleplaying games. Through college he has played in some great home campaigns, and he discovered the RPGA at a small game day in 1991. He slaved away for the RPGA on staff for six and a half years, and he now works at UNR as a biochemical researcher. He still plays, but he gardens a lot and devotes as much time as possible to his beloved Rhonda.

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