Perilous Gateways

One-Way Portals in Amn

By Gwendolyn F.M. Kestrel

Through the Dusty Rat Portal (EL 10)

The portal is a one-way creature-only means of transport. Although it leads only to a foe of CR 7, arriving without any equipment makes this more than a challenge for almost any group. Even with the encounter level adjusted upward for the lack of equipment (with equipment, it would merely be EL 7), it's likely to kill one or more PC.

The portal leads to a small tower on an island in a remote part of the Dragon Coast. A vampire, Theserin inhabits the tower and constantly keeps watch over the portal. He commands a small host of undead, most of which were furnished by Destiny, the cleric at the Dusty Rat.

Without armor, weapons, spell components, and holy symbols, the best solution for the player characters may well be to flee, returning some other day, via a different method, with their equipment.

Theserin: hp 32; see sample vampire in Monster Manual, page 222.

Medium-Size Skeletons (5): hp 6; see Monster Manual, page 165.

Medium-Size Zombies (5): hp 16, see Monster Manual, page 191.

One-Way Portals in Amn