The House Of Nature

Similar to Arvandor, the House of Nature is a vast expanse of natural wilderness. No building or craft spoils the pure beauty of nature here, and no divine palace or carved hall rises above the trees or delves beneath the mountains. Animals roam unfettered across the plane, sharing its bounty with the petitioners in peaceful coexistence.

House Of Nature Traits

The House of Nature has the following traits.

House Of Nature Links

The deities of the House of Nature cooperate to maintain a portal to Arvandor. In addition, Nobanion's realm contains a permanent portal to the Gulthmere Forest in the Dragon Coast.

House Of Nature Inhabitants

The celestial race of guardinals is native to the House of Nature. The animalistic character of these creatures exemplifies the harmony of good and nature found throughout the plane.

Other inhabitants: Bariaur, wood element creatures, Fhorge.

House of Nature Petitioners: Most of the petitioners of the House of Nature are humanoids, who live in small communities in utter harmony with nature. They never build, cut stone or wood, or otherwise alter the natural beauty of the plane. Though they appear as they did in life upon arrival, they gradually take on animal traits - their hair grows long in lustrous pelts, short horns sprout from their foreheads, and some develop cat's eyes or fox's ears. Over the course of centuries, they become celestial animals. House of Nature petitioners have the following special qualities.

Additional Immunities: Electricity, poison.

Resistances: Cold 10, fire 10.

Other Special Qualities: Fast healing 2.

Features Of The House Of Nature

A great many deities reside in the House of Nature, including Chauntea, Eldath, Gwaeron, Lathander, Lurue, Mielikki, Nobanion, Shiallia, Silvanus, and Ubtao. In addition, guardinal paragons in great number - far more than the Five Companions detailed in Book of Exalted Deeds - have the status of near-deities here, serving as patrons of specific kinds of animals. By their very nature, the realms of these deities and near-deities have fluid boundaries, and one is often hard to distinguish from another.

Chauntea: The Great Mother's Garden is Chauntea's realm, though its name is something of a misnomer. The land is not cultivated, but food plants grow here as they do in nature, in vast, abundant fields that nurture thousands of different kinds of plants.

Lathander: The realm called Morninglory belongs to Lathander; Its natural beauty is tinted with the colors of dawn - rubies, crimsons, scarlets, yellows, and pinks. A small mountain lake bordered by a meadow and a stand of tall timber form Lathander's cathedral here. Sleep spells and similar effects do not function within Lathander's domain, and characters who rest here find themselves fully refreshed in half the usual time.

Silvanus: In the deepest reaches of the House of Nature, the vegetation grows thick. Here in the Oak Father's realm, known as the Deep Forest, grow the greatest of all trees. The canopy of their leaves is so dense that it seems all light must surely be blotted out.

Eldath: The realm of the Goddess of the Singing Waters is called the True Grove. It is marked by a ring of tall oaks surrounding a burbling spring, though none of these features constitutes an actual boundary.

Mielikki: The Grove of the Unicorns is the Forest Queen's realm. This stand of trees is unremarkable in itself but notable for the celestial chargers and more mundane unicorns that frequent the place.

Lurue/Gwaeron Windstrom: These two allies of Mielikki have no realms in the House of Nature, but both wander freely both here and throughout Faerûn.

Shiallia: The Dancer in the Glades has her own realm, adjacent to the Grove of the Unicorns, called the High Glade.

Nobanion: The vast savanna known as the Pridelands is Nobanion's realm. Unlike humanoid petitioners, his wemic followers retain their mortal forms here. Groves of trees dot this great plain, and one of them contains a permanent portal to the Gulthmere Forest in the Dragon Coast.

Ubtao: The Labyrinth of Life, a mazelike jungle teeming with life in the warmest region of the House of Nature, serves as Ubtao's domain. In the midst of this vibrant rain forest rises the Forbidden Plateau, where dinosaurs roam apart from all the other animals of the plane.

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