Since Jotunheim is the land of giants, it stands to reason that everything there is large. Forests of pines as thick as watchtowers cover the sides of the vast mountains of the plane. Rocs soar through the skies, and winter wolves the size of elephants prowl the frozen wastes.

Jotunheim Traits

Jotunheim has the following traits.

Jotunheim Links

Surtr maintains at least one portal to the Elemental Plane of Fire within his fiery realm of Muspelbeim.

Jotunheim Inhabitants

The native fauna of Jotunheim are unusually large but otherwise normal animals and magical beasts. Most creatures encountered here are at least one size category larger than normal, with all the attendant changes in statistics (see page 291 of the Monster Manual).

Other inhabitants: Fensir.

Jotunheim Petitioners: The petitioners of Jotunheim were all giants in life, and they retain their mortal forms here. They have the following special qualities.

Additional Immunities: Cold, fire.

Resistances: Acid 10, electricity 10.

Other Special Qualities: As a special property of the plane, these giant petitioners retain more of their Hit Dice than most petitioners do. A Large giant petitioner has 4 HD, and a Huge one has 8 HD.

Features Of Jotunheim

Jotunheim, like many other planes in Toril's cosmology, is an endless expanse of wilderness, dotted with structures, menhirs, and other signs of giant civilization - or at least habitation. Its terrain tends to extremes - volcanoes, glaciers, majestic cloudscapes, and equally grand caverns resplendent with crystal formations Jotunheim is the home of the giant deities, each of whom has a divine realm here.

Annam: The reclusive head of the giant pantheon, Annam sits alone in an endless domain called the Hidden Realm. This area is rather like a demiplane or pocket dimension in that no other being can locate or enter it without Annam's permission, and Annam permits precious few visitors. No other beings - not even petitioners - live within the Hidden Realm, and a deep sense of loneliness permeates the place. His great mansion features a crystal tower in which models of stars and planets whirl in perfect, silent motion, simulating the movements of the universe.

Grolaneor: The god of the hill giants has a small realm located in the foothills of the great mountains of Jotunheim. Called the Steading, this realm is little more than an enormous wooden house built for the greatest chief of the hill giants. Grolantor's petitioners roam the hills all around the Steading, preying on other petitioners when they can catch them.

Hiatea: Woodhaven is Hiatea's realm, located in the heart of a great forest where oak trees grow larger than terrestrial redwoods. There her petitioners hunt with their patron, returning in the evenings to great longhouses where her gift of community and family is celebrated every night.

Ialannis: The realm of Ialannis is Florallium, a place of quiet gardens and crystal springs. By unspoken consent, Florallium has become neutral territory for the deities and petitioners of Jotunheim, a place where peace can be negotiated in times of conflict and joyful occasions can be celebrated in quieter times.

Memnor: Memnor's realm is Thraotor, an enormous thunderhead with a great palace of adamantine at its highest point, miles above the ground. Thraotor floats across the landscape, bringing destructive storms wherever it goes. At a whim, Memnor can turn the ordinary rain or hail beneath his realm into a storm of vengeance effect.

Skoracus Stonebones: Like Thrym, Skoracus Stonebones wanders the mountains of Jotunheim but has no fixed dwelling. He favors the roots of the mountains and the great caverns that yawn within them.

Surer: Beyond a barrier of ever-active volcanoes lies Surer's realm, which is known as Muspelheim. This enormous plain of burning earth stretches farther than the eye can see in all directions. At the shores of a lake of molten lead looms the Spire of Surtr - a towering needle of dark stone in which the ruler of all fire giants sits in state.

Thrym: At Jotunheim's opposite end is Thrym's realm, which is called Fibulwinter, or sometimes simply Jotunheim. A region of endless frost, snow, and ice, Thrym's realm is more mountainous than similar divine realms (such as Loviatar's and Auril's). Thrym wanders from glacier to glacier but does not maintain a permanent palace anywhere in the plane.

Stronmaus: Stormhold, the realm of Stronmaus, is the mirror image of Thraotor. Despite its ominous name, Stormhold rests on a magnificent white cloud that only rarely brings rain or storms to the land beneath. Though it casts an enormous shadow on the land, the sun always shines brightly at its top, glittering on Stronmaus's palace of gold, platinum, gems, and marble. Within the palace is a magical opal pool, which seems to be of endless size to swimmers in its holy waters. Immersion in the waters of this pool grants the effects of the heal, greater restoration, and regeneration spells.

Vaprak the Destroyer: The ogre deity lives in Shatterstone, a pitiful cave at the base of a great cliff. Vaprak and his petitioners are despised by all the other inhabitants of the plane, and they hide from the giants at all costs.

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