A life-giving river flows through a barren desert, turning the earth around it lush and green. The River Isis flows with holy water, the source of all life on this plane. Near its banks, the land is covered with thick grass and dotted with fig and palm trees. Farther from the water, the constant glare of the sun bleaches the earth bare, and desert winds-grind stone into sand.

Heliopolis Traits

Heliopolis has the following traits.

Heliopolis Links

No known portals exist on Heliopolis.

Heliopolis Inhabitants

A variety of creatures native to other planes make homes in Heliopolis as well. Lillends serve some of the good deities of the plane, as do angels. In Set's realm of Ankhwugaht, diverse creatures such as chaos beasts, bowlers, night hags, and yeth hounds haunt the dark wilderness.

Other inhabitants: Minion of Set, Nishruu, Marrash, Fire snake.

Heliopolis Petitioners: Almost all the petitioners of Heliopolis are Mulborandi in origin. They appear as they did in life, at their healthiest and most robust. They have the following special qualities.

Additional Immunities: Acid, sonic.

Resistances: Cold 10, electricity 10.

Other Special Qualities: None.

Features Of Heliopolis

Heliopolis is an arid realm, irrigated only by the River Isis that flows through it. Beyond the river's immediate vicinity, the land is sandy desert. Great monuments - pyramids, sphinxes, obelisks, temples, and mausoleums - dot the landscape across the entire plane, and the seats of the many divine realms are the greatest of these monuments.

Anhur: Netaph is Anhur's realm. Its placement on the border between the fertile valley and the dry desert suggests that it guards the populace against threats from the wilderness. Anhur's great temple-palace stands at the very center of the realm.

Geb: The mountain range that rises in the middle of the desert is the source of rock for all the plane's monuments. Geb's realm is here, and his palace stands in the Caverns under the Stars, a great cave complex at the roots of the mountains. His petitioners mine the mountains for precious gems and cut stone for monuments.

Hathor: The Nurturing Mother's realm is a village within the fertile valley called Succor. In this place of refuge and peace, children and mothers are protected from all danger. If the matriarchs of Succor, or Hathor herself, swear their protection to any visitor, no harm can come to that creature as long as it remains in Succor. Despite a regular influx of refugees seeking sanctuary, Succor remains a quiet town.

Horus-Re: The Lord of the Sun's realm is actually the sky above the plane, since he pilots his solar barge across the sky every day. His petitioners live in the city of Thekele-Re, which is one of the few settlements that thrives beyond the fertile valley of the River Isis.

Isis: Not far from Succor lies the city of Gizekhtet, also known as Quietude or the City of Moderation, where Isis makes her home. The petitioners here embrace balance and moderation in all matters. The River Isis flows right through the center of the town, bestowing its blessings on the fields and the people alike. The land around the city is the most, fertile and lush anywhere in Heliopolis.

Nephehys: The realm of Amun-thys belongs to Nephthys. It lies in the fertile valley but is not well cultivated. It holds more tombs and temples than houses or fields, and these resting places for the dead are rumored to hold great riches.

Osiris: The realm of Osiris, called Memphiria, is a great necropolis in the midst of the desert. Rows of mausoleums surround the god's great sepulcher, and his petitioners walk the streets in the form of corporeal undead, even though they are never evil.

Thoth: The Lord of Magic's realm, the city of Thebestys, lies in a marshy area on the banks of the River Isis. This magnificent city holds the Great Library, which is perhaps the most extensive collection of knowledge outside the House of Knowledge. Thoth's estate includes the city and several smaller villages in the wetlands. All who seek knowledge are welcome here.

Set: The dark realm of Set, known as Ankhwugaht, is a region of desert that is completely closed to Horus-Re's light and goodness. Harsh winds blow across its poisonous sands, serpents hiss in the endless night, and fiendish monstrous scorpions devour any who dare to trespass here. A great black pyramid rises high above the desert sands, seeming almost to scrape the blood-streaked midnight sky.

Sebek: The Lord of Crocodiles has no realm in Heliopolis. He spends much of his time on Toril, and the rest lurking in Set's realm.

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