The Gates of the Moon

Surrounded by a boundless ocean of shimmering light, like an aurora in liquid form, a rocky island rises up in the moonlight, crowned by a shining hall of silver. It is always night here but rarely dark, since the light waxes and wanes with the ever-present moon.

Lycanthropes who come to the Gates of the Moon can change shape freely. They are always completely in control of the change and of their behavior in animal form. Afflicted lycanthropes who are knowledgeable about the planes sometimes journey to the Gates of the Moon to seek sanctuary from their affliction.

Gates Of The Moon Traits

The Gates of the Moon has the following traits.

Gates Of The Moon Links

The eladrins maintain a portal to Arvandor here. The topmost branches of the World Tree extend into the Gates of the Moon, allowing travel to other celestial planes. The Infinite Staircase, which connects to Selûne's palace, is another conduit to other planes, though it is far less predictable. See Features of the Gates of the Moon, below.

Gates Of The Moon Inhabitants

The servitors of Selûne are planetars called shards. These female angels are said to have been created from equal parts of fire and moonlight. Lillends and other kinds of angels are also common in the Gates of the Moon, and the eladrins have their faerie court here.

Gates of the Moon Petitioners: The petitioners of the Gates of the Moon include the spirits of good lycanthropes, female spellcasters, sailors, and mystics - all worshipers of Selûne - as well as travelers, explorers, bards, and other followers of Shaundakul and Finder Wyvernspur. All these petitioners appear as they did in life, though they are often paler, and their moods tend to swing dramatically with the phase of the moon. Gates of the Moon petitioners have the following special qualities.

Additional Immunities: Acid, fire.

Resistances: Electricity 10, sonic 10.

Other Special Qualities: None.

Features Of The Gates Of The Moon

Though she shares the plane with two other deities, Selûne is the undisputed mistress of the Gates of the Moon.

Finder Wyvernspur: The demigod Finder Wyvernspur has taken up permanent residence within Selûne's palace. He is still growing accustomed to divinity, having only recently ascended at the end of the Time of Troubles. His chambers are always full of music, and works of art created by his petitioners decorate all of Selûne's hall.

Selûne: The home of Selûne is a shining hall of silver called Argentil, which is located in the middle of the plane. The hail is a place of quiet beauty, where all sound seems muffled and the moonlight appears to cling to creatures and objects, suffusing them with a soft silvery glow.

The Infinite Staircase is a strange conduit that appears within Selûne's hall of silver when the moon is full and the fog creeps up from the water. Stories say that it leads from Argentil to all the cities that exist on any plane, or to all the cities that ever were or will be - from the cities of the angels to the darkened halls of the Nine Hells. The staircase leads not just up and down, but also in all directions, and its gravity changes from one landing to another. Why this conduit is connected to Selûne's realm is a mystery, but it might actually be a function of Shaundakul's presence on the plane rather than the Moonmaiden's.

Shaundakul: The Rider of the Winds also calls the Gates of the Moon home, insofar as he can call any place home. Shaundakul has no hall to rival Argentil, but he travels from place to place on this plane and among all the planes.

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