The Fated Depths

A place of black water and crushing pressure, Fated Depths is where the River of Blood deposits its viscous water, along with all the jetsam of the fiendish planes. Its inhabitants are hungry as sharks and as cruel as sahuagin, and the plane itself seems hungry for souls to consume.

Fated Depths Traits

Fated Depths has the following traits.

Fated Depths Links

Fated Depths contains portals to the watery layers of the Abyss as well as the Elemental Plane of Water. A portal also connects this plane with Umberlee's realm in Fury's Heart. The River of Blood spills into the waters of Fated Depths, connecting it with most of the other fiendish planes.

Fated Depths Inhabitants

Aquatic creatures of chaos and evil are the natural inhabitants of Fated Depths. Most are rarely seen on the Material Plane, though fiendish sharks (and dire sharks), giant squids; octopi, and krakens sometimes appear there. Half-fiend sahuagin are surprisingly common in Fated Depths, and half-fiend kuo-toa are somewhat less so.

Other inhabitants: Myrmixicus (demon), piscoloth (yugoloth), skulvyn (demon), wastrilith (demon).

Fated Depths Petitioners: Sahuagin and kuo-toa petitioners are the primary inhabitants of Fated Depths. Both types of petitioners appear unchanged from their living forms. They have the following special qualities.

Immunities: Cold, fire.

Resistances: Acid 10, electricity 10.

Additional Special Qualities: None.

Features Of Fated Depths

Fated Depths is an almost featureless expanse of dark saltwater with neither surface nor bottom.

Sekolah: Sekolah, one of the two powers that lives in the dark waters of Fated Depths, has no realm. The god rules where it is, and no creature dares challenge it.

Blibdoolpoolp: The Drowning Goddess, on the other hand, does have a realm - a spherical temple that resembles a small moon drifting through the unholy waters of the plane. Fiendish crustaceans and kuo-toa petitioners share this enormous structure, serving their increasingly irrelevant deity.

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