Dragon Eyrie

As its name suggests, Dragon Eyrie is an enormous mountaintop surrounded by wispy clouds and crowned with an eternal cap of snow. Around it fly the spirits of departed dragons, keeping to themselves as much as possible. No city or village mars the perfect crags of the mountaintop, though some nondragons that come here in search of solitude build small shelters in which to live out their hermitic existences. The dragons do not tolerate any more extensive settlements, and they put up with the hermits only grudgingly.

Dragon Eyrie Traits

Dragon Eyrie has the following traits.

Dragon Eyrie Links

Hlal maintains a portal here that leads to the realm of Erevan Ilesere on Arvandor.

Dragon Eyrie Inhabitants

Most of the native inhabitants of Dragon Eyrie are celestial and fiendish dragons and draconic petitioners.

Other inhabitants: Abishai (in Tiamat's realm). Kliaasta.

Planar dragons (all varieties). Although these creatures are native to many different planes, they all at least visit the Dragon Eyrie from time to time.

Dragon Eyrie Petitioners: The petitioners of this plane are the spirits of dragons, half-dragons, dragonkin, and all other forms of dragonkind. For dragons, the afterlife represents an opportunity to strive toward a perfection that was unattainable in life. Such perfection, however, is best pursued in silence and solitude. Though they are no longer great hoarders of treasure, dragon petitioners are still hostile to intruders who would invade their privacy, and they remain among the most arrogant creatures on any plane. Dragon Eyrie petitioners have the following special qualities.

Additional Immunity: Cold.

Resistances: Acid 5, electricity 5, fire 5.

Other Special Qualities: None.

Features Of Dragon Eyrie

Dragon Eyrie is divided into four broad bands - the dark roots, the lower reaches, the middle crags, and the peak. With the exception of the peak, which is entirely Null's divine realm, no divine realm occupies the entire expanse of an altitude band. Most of the mountain is open territory claimed by no deity, where the petitioners of the plane seek their solitude.

Hlal: The lower reaches of Dragon Eyrie's great slope include the divine realm of Hlal, the trickster and messenger deity of the dragons. Brass and copper dragon petitioners tend to congregate near this realm. These lower slopes are warm and dry, at least near Hlal's domain, so they attract blue dragon petitioners as well, though the blues try to stay far away from the brasses and coppers. Other, wetter areas of the lower reaches are favored by green and black petitioners.

Null: The summit of Dragon Eyrie is the domain of Null, the draconic god of death. White and silver dragon petitioners are attracted to the cold of his realm, and in a way these two kinds of dragons represent the two very different views of this mysterious deity. The crude and bestial white dragons admire Null's role as a taker of life and revere him as a force of violence and power. The silvers, on the other hand, worship him as the guardian of dead spirits - the one who brings draconic souls to their rest in the Dragon Eyrie and, ideally, leads them toward perfection once they have arrived.

Task: Task's realm lies in the middle reaches of Dragon Eyrie, in a region known as the Furnace because of its volcanic activity. Task dwells in a rocky cave filled with a vast treasure hoard. Red, gold, and bronze dragon petitioners live in this area, attracted to its hot springs and flowing lava.

Tiamat: Tiamat's realm, known as the Cave of Greed, lies deep underground, at the dark bottom of Dragon Eyrie. Many chromatic dragon petitioners choose to make their lairs near hers (but not too near), and deep dragon and shadow dragon petitioners tend to favor this subterranean region as well.

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