Deep Caverns

A solid mass of stone permeated with winding tunnels, yawning chasms, and great caves, the plane of Deep Caverns is like an infinite Underdark. Visitors to this utterly lightless plane find it more horrifying in some ways even than the Abyss, where at least some light appears in the sky from time to time. Here there is no sky and no natural light, and the cavern walls seem to close in on unwelcome travelers. Indeed, sometimes they do close in, leaving behind no trace of any unlucky trespasser crushed between them.

Deep Caverns Traits

Deep Caverns has the following traits:

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Deep Caverns is permeated with portals to other planes, primarily the Abyss.

Deep Caverns Inhabitants

In some areas of Deep Caverns, an unearthly wind howls through the endless tunnels. It is perhaps this feature that most attracts bowlers (native to the Supreme Throne) to this plane. Other creatures of earth and evil also dwell here, though few of them are widely known an the Material Plane.

other inhabitants: Dune stalker, rukarazyll, vaporighu, kaorti.

Deep Caverns Petitioners: The petitioners of this plane are beholders, mind flayers, and troglodytes - none of which are friendly to the others. All of these creatures appear and behave much as they did in life. They have the following special qualities.

Additional Immunities: Electricity, sonic.

Resistances: Acid 10, cold 10.

Other Special Qualities: Spell resistance 10.

Features Of Deep Caverns

The various sections of Deep Caverns are difficult to distinguish from one other, and the three divine realms located here are so widely separated that their boundaries are impossible to define. The caverns themselves seem to know where a deity's realm begins and ends, though. In fact, the walls respond to the will of the power in charge - shifting, opening and closing, and trapping unfortunate travelers at the deity's whim.

The Great Mother: This area, called the Realm of a Million Eyes, is home to the Great Mother of the beholders. Laced with vertical shafts, it is perfectly suited to the floating petitioners of this realm. The Great Mother herself dwells in a vast cavern far below all the sinkholes, endlessly spawning more beholders in solitude. Any creature that comes near her spawning chamber becomes food, including any of her own offspring that don't leave fast enough. Certain beholder petitioners, apparently the oldest and meanest of the lot, bear most of the responsibility for policing her realm. These enforcers also control the tunnels here, since the Great Mother is unconcerned with such matters.

Ilsensine: The Caverns of Thought are the realm of Ilsensine, god of the mind flayers. This area echoes with stray thoughts that are inaudible but nevertheless clear to any sentient mind. Most of these thoughts are so horrible that creatures lingering too long near the caverns are quickly driven mad.

Laogzed: The Rotting Plain is a vast cavern dotted with putrid lakes that are fed by the River of Blood. A million tunnels of various sizes empty into this cavern, carrying the refuse of the planes for the troglodyte god Laogzed to devour. A virtually mindless creature, Laogzed eats anything and everything he finds - living, dead, or inorganic. Many denizens of the planes have discovered that they can easily get rid of an item that should never be found by leaving it on the Rotting Plain.

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