Also known as the Hall of Meeting, Cynosure is the only truly neutral ground among the planes. Unclaimed by any deity and uninhabited by any native race, Cynosure is nothing more than a small demiplane in the shape of a huge, majestic hall, adorned with soaring pillars and open to a star-filled sky. Surrounding the hall are portals leading to every divine realm in Toril's cosmology. This plane is the place where the gods come to meet when some pressing business demands a degree of communication among them. Whether the meeting involves two deities hoping to cement an alliance or the whole Faerûnian pantheon, Cynosure is a safe meeting place.

Cynosure Traits

Cynosure has the following traits.

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As noted above, the great hall of Cynosure is surrounded by portals, one of which leads to the realm of every deity in the Faerûnian pantheon. Each is a two-way portal with a simple prerequisite for operation: It can be triggered only by a being with a divine rank of 0 or higher. No mortal can activate the portals in either direction, though a deity can command a portal to allow a particular mortal through if desired.

Cynosure exists outside the normal cosmology of Toril. Its connection to the Astral Plane is tenuous at best, and travel in and out of it is feasible only by means of the special portals. It is impossible for a mortal or even a deity to set out from the Material Plane through the Astral Plane and arrive in Cynosure, since no color pools leading to this plane exist on the Astral Plane.

Cynosure Inhabitants

Cynosure has no native inhabitants.

Features Of Cynosure

The heart of Cynosure is a great meeting hall furnished with a grand table and a seat for every Faerûnian deity. The walls are decorated with images of Faerûn's dead deities, reaching back as far as ancient Netheril and possibly even farther.

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