No less beautiful than Arvandor, Brightwater is a well-settled realm full of quaint cottages and elegant manors. While a planar traveler might spend days in Arvandor without seeing another sentient being, Brightwater is bustling with activity - all of it fun. The realm is devoted to joy, good fortune, and beauty, and this focus shines in every face and from every building.

The plane as a whole is permeated with a sense of freewheeling adventure and frolicsome activity. Brightwater is a place to take chances, to seize the day, and to live life to the fullest. Though expressions such as these might be spoken only with cynicism in Faerûn, they express the very essence of Brightwater.

Brightwater Traits

Brightwater has the following traits.

Brightwater Links

Sune maintains a portal to Hanali Celanil's realm in Arvandor, and Tymora keeps a portal to Green Fields. Sharess has a small realm in Heliopolis, and a portal links her two domains as well. Brightwater is connected to the trunk of the World Tree, and through it to all the other celestial planes.

Brightwater Inhabitants

The only outsiders native to Brightwater are the hosts of angels that serve the live goddesses dwelling here. However, all types of celestials and many other planar creatures frequent Brightwater to enjoy the plane's many and varied delights.

other inhabitants: Bacchae

Brightwater Petitioners: The petitioners of Brightwater, like the bacchae, are eternal revelers caught midway between their humanity and a purely bestial nature. At least as chaotic as they are good, these petitioners savor their eternal life to the last drop. They have the following special qualities.

Additional Immunities: Electricity, polymorph.

Resistances: Acid 10.

Other Special Qualities: Entice.

Entice (Su): A traveler within 100 feet of a mob of Brightwater's petitioners must make a Will saving throw (DC 10 + the number of petitioners within range; maximum DC 20) or join the party. While partying with the revelers, those who failed their saves drink, eat, and engage in all manner of pranks and foolery. However, such celebrants take no sustenance, so they suffer the effects of going without food and water. This condition lasts for 101 days or until the enticed character collapses from lack of sustenance. Moving an affected character more than 100 feet from the party ends the effect on him, but he does not leave the revelers willingly.

Features Of Brightwater

Like a large city on the Material Plane, Brightwater is divided into neighborhoods or wards, each the realm of a deity.

Lliira: Our Lady of Joy's realm is the Quarter of the Orange Lanterns - a place of continuous celebration where life is like one long festival. Feasts, music, dancing, drinking, and general carousing are unceasing here. During the day, petitioners picnic on the wide lawns or dance in the great halls that line the streets. At night, the quarter blossoms into a loud carnival packed with musicians, dancers, and revelers.

Sharess: Rapture, the realm of the Dancing Lady, lies between Lliira's and Sune's realms both geographically and philosophically. Rapture is the city's darkest quarter - a district filled with dark, twisting alleys and somewhat shady establishments.

Sune: The Heartfire Quarter is Sune's realm. Quieter than most places in Brightwater, this section of town is made up of small rooms and hidden courtyards, where incense and candle-light fill the night air. The Heartfire Quarter is also a place of quiet mystery, where contemplatives seeking something beyond love or physical pleasure are drawn by the secretive smile of Lady Firehair.

Tymora: The Quarter of the Great Wheel is Tymora's Realm. Gambling, racing, games of chance, and tests of luck abound here. The streets are broad and well kept, the buildings are elegant and grand, and the inhabitants are bold - and sometimes reckless.

Waukeen: The Marketplace Eternal, home of the goddess Waukeen, lies at the center of Brightwater. The only district of the plane that is dedicated to businesses other than pleasure, the Marketplace Eternal is devoted to commercial enterprise. Its streets are packed, day or night, with buyers and sellers in a clamoring throng. Commerce is an intoxicating pleasure in its own right, at least in Waukeen's realm.

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