Guild Secrets - Tables

by Andy Collins, Dragon #296

Table 1: Organization Types
d%Type of OrganizationTypical Alignment*
01-40Trade (roll d% for subtype)-
 01-45Craft GuildLG, LN, LE, NG, N, NE
 46-90Profession GuildLG, LN, LE, NG, N, NE
 91-00Adventurers' GuildAny
41-55Religious(roll d% for subtype)
 01-60Holy OrderAny
 61-80Druidic ShrineNG. LN, N, CN, NE
 81-90Fringe CultAny
 91-00Paladins' OrderLG
56-70Learning(roll d% for subtype)
 01-40UniversityLG, LN, LE, NG, N, NE
 41-55Bardic CollegeLG, NG, CG, LN, N, CN
 56-75MonasteryLG, IN, LE
 76-85Spy NetworkAny
 86-00League of ExplorersLG, NG, CG, LN, N, CN
71-80Magical(roll d% for subtype)
 01-50Wizards' CollegeNG, LN, N, CN, NE
 51-70Alchemists' ConclaveNG, LN, N, CN, NE
 70-90Arcanists' AcademyNG, LN, N, CN, NE
 91-00Guild of SorceryNG, LN, N, CN, NE
81-90Criminal(roll d% for subtype)
 01-30Thieves' GuildN, CN, LE, NE, CE
 31-40Assassins' GuildLE, NE, CE
 41-50Beggars' GuildN, CN, LE, NE, CE
 51-70Street GangN, CN, NE, CE
 71-80Crime SyndicateLN, N, CN, LE, NE, CE
 81-90Smugglers' CartelAny
 91-95Anarchist BandCG, CN, CE
 96-00Freedom FightersCG, CN, CE
91-95Roll twice and combine the results-
96-00Other (DM's option)Any
*See the Organization Alignment section and Table 2 for more details and options.
Table 2: Organization Alignment
d%Organization Alignment
01-25Same as community's primary power center
26-30Opposite of community's primary power center*
31-45Lawful good
46-55Neutral good
56-60Chaotic good
61-73Lawful neutral
74-80True neutral
81-83Chaotic neutral
84-93Lawful evil
94-98Neutral evil
99-00Chaotic evil
*If the community's primary power center is true neutral, roll again.
Table 3: Organization Size
d%Organization Size
*Minor organizations don't exist in thorps or hamlets.
**Medium organizations don't exist in thorps.
Table 4: Membership by Town Size
Town SizeTown PopulationOrganization Population*GP Limit**
Thorp20-80n/an/a1-220 gp
Hamlet81-400n/a1-23-550 gp
Village401-9001-23-56-io100 gp
Small town901-2,0003-56-1011-25400 gp
Large town2,001-5,0006-io11-2526-601,500 gp
Small city5,001-12,00011-2526-6061-1257,500 gp
Large city12,001-25,00026-6061-125126-25020,000 gp
Metropolis25,001+61-125126-250251+50,000 gp
*These numbers can be used to represent how many members can be found in a given community; they need not represent the total number of members the organization has.
**Halve the listed value for minor organizations, and double it for major organizations.
Table 5: Class Mix
96% primary class
2% secondary class
1% tertiary class
1% other classes
79% primary class
9% secondary class
5% tertiary class
3% tertiary class
2% tertiary class
2% other classes
37% primary class
20% secondary class
18% tertiary class
10% tertiary class
7% tertiary class
5% tertiary class
3% other classes
Table 6: Highest-Level Members (PC Classes)
PC ClassCharacter Level (Primary Class)
Barbarian 1d4 + community modifier
Bard1d6 + community modifier
Cleric1d6 + community modifier
Druid1d6 + community modifier
Fighter1d8 + community modifier
Monk1d4 + community modifier
Paladin1d3 + community modifier
Ranger1d3 + community modifier
Rogue1d8 + community modifier
Sorcerer 1d4 + community modifier
Wizard1d4 + community modifier
Table 7: Highest-Level Members (NPC Classes)
NPC ClassCharacter Level (Primary Class)
Adept 1d6 + community modifier
Aristocrat 1d4 + community modifier
Commoner4d4 + community modifier
Expert3d4 + community modifier
Warrior2d4 + community modifier
Table 8: Highest-Level Character by Town Size
Secondary Class
Up to Small City
Divide Table 6 or 7 result by 2
Large City
01-75: Divide Table 6 or 7 result by 2
76-00: Use Table 6 or 7 result
01-50: Divide Table 6 or 7 result by 2
51-00: Use Table 6 or 7 result
Tertiary Class
Up to Small City
Divide Table 6 or 7 result by 4
Large City
01-75: As Secondary, but divide by 2
76-00: Same as Secondary
01-50: As Secondary, but divide by 2
51-00: Same as Secondary
Other* Class
Up to Small City
Level 1
Large City
As tertiary, but divide by 2
As tertiary, but divide by 2
*There is a 5% chance that a single member of a miscellaneous class is calculated as if that character is the highest-level character in the primary class.
Table 9: Community Modifiers
Community SizeCommunity Modifier
Small town0
Large town+3
Small city+6
Large city+9
*A thorp or a hamlet has a 5% chance to add +10 to the modifier of a ranger or druid level.
Table 10: Organization Leader
01-70Highest-level character of primary class
71-85Second highest-level character of primary class
86-95Highest-level character (regardless of class)
96-00Other (DM's choice)
Table 11: Racial Demographics
01-60Same as community
61-90More isolated than community*
91-00More integrated than community**
*Use the racial mix one step toward isolated, If the community already uses the isolated racial mix, treat as isolated.
**Use the racial mix one step toward integrated, If the community already uses the integrated racial mix, treat as integrated.

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