Rand's Travelogue

Organizations of the Silver Marches

By Rand Sharpsword
Ed Greenwood and Jason Carl

Rand Sharpsword, collector of bits of travel and geographical information, brings you further details about the Silver Marches area. Rand provides these to supplement the information found in the Silver Marches.

Patrols of the Argent Legion

The Argent Legion, a thinly scattered army of soldiers drawn from each of the member cities of the league of the Silver Marches, makes efforts to extend the region of patrols from the vicinity of the major settlements into the wilds. To the west they go as far as the junction of the Rauvin and the Surbrin rivers. To the south, they watch the Evermoors and the shadows under the High Forest. To the east, the Argent Legion patrols no farther than Moon Pass in the Nether Mountains, but on the other side of the mountains in Old Delzoun they patrol as far as the ruins of Ascore. Finally, to the north, the soldiers patrol up the Surbrin, skirting the verges of the Moonwood and Cold Wood, and into the wild Ice Mountains in the east.

The patrols raid when necessary into the Moonwood, Evermoors, and Far Forest to harry giants, goblinoid tribes, and beasts. They make regular forays into the Silverwood and along the Evermoor Way to make sure its run between the Silverwood and the High Forest remains open and relatively safe. They heavily patrol the Rauvin Vale on both banks, as far north as the Nether foothills and as far south as the verges of the High Forest between Silverymoon and Jalanthar. Standing guards are maintained in the vital Moon Pass and in Silverymoon Pass, and large armed escorts regularly accompany caravans along the Fork Road, Redrun Gallop (between Sundabar and Citadel Felbarr), and along the Adbar Road.

Right now, the Argent Legion tastes battle most often along the Adbar and in the rolling lands of the North Run between Quaervarr and Citadel Felbarr -- and they recommend that travelers not attempt either route without their escort. In practice, this means caravans must arrange to accompany Argent Legion forces and follow the orders of Legion commanders -- it does not mean that any traveler can call for an escort or expect timely aid if they go alone and get into trouble.

Other highly dangerous areas at present include the Evermoors, the Fork Road east of the Adbar road, and Turnstone Pass. It's not recommended that travelers enter these areas, and they can expect no assistance from the soldiers of the Silver Marches if they do.

Druids of the Silver Marches

It comes as a surprise to no one that the Silver Marches area is a stronghold for good druids. The followers of Mielikki maintain strongholds in Silverymoon and in the eastern edge of the High Forest (a sacred grove known as Tall Trees). The folk of the Silver Marches respect good druids, but they don't expect the nature priests to get involved in the day-to-day affairs of the communities unless doing so supports or affirms their religious convictions. Evil druids and their destructive tendencies are feared, especially when they associates (as they so often do) with bands of evil humanoids. Druids also congregate in small groups known as druidic circles, which is a reference to the natural life and death cycle. One can find a druidic circle located beneath the northern foothills of the Rauvin Mountains, where the border of the Coldwood meets the rising high ground.

More on the Red Tiger Tribe

One of the characteristics outsiders remark upon most often about the Red Tigers is the manner in which its members tend to stick together. Mutual support is a concept known and practiced among most of the Uthgardt tribes, but the Red Tigers seem to carry this behavior to an extreme. Folk of other cultures often hold back and give their comrades the opportunity to cope with their difficulties before stepping in to help. This isn't in the least true of the Red Tigers. Should a Red Tiger befriend a person from outside his tribe, he or she expects that friend to accept help from his or her Red Tiger comrade even when help was not requested. He or she also expects the same treatment in return and doubtless will be offended if the friend does not offer aid immediately. The Red Tigers exhibit this trait even in battle by seeking to aid their fellows and allies when they have downed their own opponents.

Current Rumors: Tribes of the Silver Marches

Black Lion: The Black Lions fear their ancestor mound (Beorunna's Well) as much as they revere it, and perhaps moreso. They do not post guards at Beorunna's Well itself, but rather leave that task to the Red Tiger tribe.

Black Raven: The Black Raven tribe appoints an honor guard of no less than ten warriors (CN human Bbn2) and the same number of giant ravens to remain at Raven Rock at all times. The guardians watch over not only the tribe's ancestor mound, but its sacrificial treasure shrine as well.

Gray Wolf: The Gray Wolf tribe no longer participates in helping the Black Ravens guard Raven Rock.

Red Tiger: Protecting the ancestor mound at Beorunna's Well is a task appointed for the Red Tiger's young members who are about to take their tribal vows. At any given time, three to six young men and women (CG human War1) are guided by a tribal cleric (CN human Clr4 of Uthgar).

Sky Pony: The Sky Pony tribe considers it an honor and a sacred duty to provide a constant guard for its ancestor mound. It considers the watch more ceremonial than practical, however. A trio of tribal warriors (CN human Bbn1) is always on guard at One Stone.

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