Mintiper's Chapbook

Part 10: Chronicler's Compendium

By Eric L. Boyd

MintiperMintiper Moonsilver is one of the legendary bards of the Forgotten Realms, and tales of his adventures have long been recounted around hearthfires across the North in musical, poetic, and narrative forms. Transcribed in Silverymoon's Vault of the Sages by the Keeper of the Vault, Mintiper's Chapbook is a compilation of the Lonely Harpist's ballads, poems, and tales. Selected pages of this chapbook have been annotated and passed into this chronicler's hands and shall be revealed here in a periodic column.

Chronicler's Compendium

Mintiper's Chapbook and the accompanying Keeper's Annotations allude to a variety of magic treasures that lie unused in caches and hoards across the North. The following is a brief accounting of those items and spells (updated for Dungeons & Dragons as necessary) that might one day be recovered by a band of adventurers who dare retrace the footsteps of the legendary Mintiper Moonsilver.

Mintiper's Chapbook Part 1

Talisman of Spell Turning*: Fashioned of iris agate, silver, and powdered dragon bone, the talismans of spell turning are the creation of the orc adepts of the Thousand Fists tribe active in the Nether Mountains. Kaanyr Vhok, a half-fiend formerly of Hellgate Keep, and his legions of tanarukks (tiefling-orcs) actively engage in spreading the secret of their design to tribes throughout the Nether Mountains, Rauvin Mountains, Greypeaks, and Fallen Lands.

When held directly against the skin, a talisman of spell turning provides the protection of a lesser spell turning spell (see below). The effect is triggered by the first spell to be targeted at the bearer not the will of the bearer. Once triggered, the talisman crumbles to dust.

*Special Note: These items were formerly known as talismans of spell reflection.

Caster Level: 7th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, lesser spell turning; Market Price: 2,800 gp; Weight: 1 lb.

Griffonlance of Goring: The griffonlance of goring was borne into battle by successive generations of Waterdhavian Silmerhelves until it was lost during the Battle of Turnstone Pass in 1343 DR following the death of Laerlos Silmerhelve II. This heavy lance is fashioned of duskwood and inscribed with depictions of rearing griffons. It is currently interred within the Cairn of Moonlight in Turnstone Pass alongside the corpse of Laerlos II.

The griffonlance of goring is a +1 thundering heavy lance grants its wielder the ability to use the Spirited Charge feat. In addition, it grants the wielder a +10 circumstance bonus on Ride (griffon) checks.

Caster Level: 6th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, blindness/deafness; Market Price: 36,310; Weight: 10 lb.; Cost to Create: 18,310 gp + 1,440 XP.

Nimoar's Blazing Bulwark: Nimoar the Reaver, War Lord of Waterdeep from 882 DR to 936 DR, employed this shield during the First Trollwar of 932 DR. After his death, a succession of wielders carried it until the Battle of Turnstone Pass in 1343, when it was interred in the Cairn of Moonlight alongside the body of Laerlos Silmerhelve II of Waterdeep.

Nimoar's blazing bulwark is a +1 bashing large steel shield that has been fitted with +1 flaming shield spikes. In addition to serving as a +1 large steel shield for armor purposes, with the flaming property that inflicts 1d8 points of damage (x2 crit) when used during a shield bash attack, no matter what the size of the attacker.

Caster Level: 8th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, bull's strength and flame blade, flame strike, or fireball; Market Price: 12,480; Weight: 20 lb.

Silverhelm of the Guardian: Considered a minor relic by the followers of Helm, the Silverhelm of the Guardian has long been employed by the scions of House Silmerhelve of Waterdeep. The silverhelm of the Guardian was interred in the Cairn of Moonlight alongside the body of Laerlos Silmerhelve II in 1343 DR, following the Battle of Turnstone Pass.

This visored helmet resembles the headgear of a suit of full plate. The silverhelm of the Guardian gives its wearer a +5 sacred bonus on Listen and Spot checks. Moreover, it grants its wearer darkvision and the Improved Initiative feat.

Caster Level: 6th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, clairaudience/clairvoyance, darkvision, haste; Market Price: 20,000; Weight: 3 lb.

Starstaff of Tsaelynos: Tsaelynos of Everlund was one of the brightest graduates of the Lady's College of Silverymoon in his day and a member of the clergy at the Temple of Silver Stars. Some believe that his legendary staff is interred alongside his body in the Cairn of Moonlight following the Battle of Turnstone Pass in 1343 DR. Crafted from the heart of a chime oak tree of the northern section of the eastern starwood of Cormanthor and adorned with a gleaming moonstone, the starstaff of Tsaelynos has the appearance of transparent glass with a slight greenish tinge but the properties of solid oak. The starstaff allows the wielder to cast the following spells:

Note that some of the spells are available only to divine spellcasters, while others are available only to arcane spellcasters. The starstaff of Tsaelynos also grants the bearer low-light vision while held.

Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisites: Craft Staff, Craft Wondrous Item, Energy Substitution (see Magic of Faerûn), dancing lights, faerie fire, fireball, low-light vision (see Magic of Faerûn), searing light; Market Price: 27,500 gp; Weight: 5 lb.

Lesser Spell Turning
Level: Adp 4, Sor/Wiz 4
Duration: 1 minute/level

As spell turning, except only 1d4+1 spell levels are affected by the turning. No resonating field is created between a lesser spell turning and a spell turning effect. The latter always prevails, wasting any levels turned by the lesser spell turning effect.


Mintiper's Chapbook Part 2

Meerschaum Eye of the Covey: Fashioned into the shape of an eyeball from a fine, compact, white claylike mineral that is known as meerschaum or sepiolite, the meerschaum eye of the covey functions only in the hands of a covey of hags. If any member of a hag covey carries the meerschaum eye of the covey, all three hags can employ their normal spell-like abilities as long as they are within one mile of the meerschaum eye of the covey, and not the usual restriction of 10 feet from the other two hags.

Caster Level: 9th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, dream; Market Price: 90,000 gp; Weight: -- .

Sacred Bundle of Ursas Blueclaw: Crafted by an early shaman of the Blue Bear tribe, this holy symbol of the Blue Bear totem of Uthgar appears as a small swatch of bear hide on which three bear claws have been sewn. Thrice per day, a bearer of the sacred bundle of Ursas Blueclaw can cast polymorph self and change the bearer into the form of a bear. The exact type of bear varies according to the will of the caster, but is still subject to the restriction that the form cannot be more than one size larger than the bearer of the sacred bundle. (In other words, this item cannot be employed by creatures of Tiny size or smaller.)

Caster Level: 12th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, polymorph self; Market Price: 52,000 gp; Weight: 1 lb.

Stoneblade of Athalantar: Carved from a block of black granite for King Helm Stoneblade of Athalantar, this +1 greatsword acts as a bane weapon against creatures constructed wholly from earth, metal, or stone.

Caster Level: 9th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, keen edge, soften earth and stone, summon monster I; Market Price: 18,500; Weight: 30 lb.; Cost to Create: 9,350 gp + 720 XP.


Mintiper's Chapbook Part 3

The Hamagess' Staffsprout
Level: Brd 6, Sor/Wiz 6
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 1 minute
Range: Touch
Target: One magical staff
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Will negates
Spell Resistance: Yes

You cause a branch to sprout from a magic staff and direct any one arcane spell of 4th level or less contained within the staff into the branch. Once the branch is broken off, it acts as a wand with one charge, capable of casting that one arcane spell with a caster level equal to that of the magic staff.

The staff must contain a number of charges equal to at least one plus the number of charges needed to cast the selected spell or the spell is wasted. Casting this spell drains the number of charges needed to cast the selected spell. If the branch is not broken off within ten minutes of the casting of this spell, it crumbles to dust, wasting both the spell and the charges expended to create the branch.

Material Component: A magical staff standing in at least an inch of water.


Mintiper's Chapbook Part 4

Ederan's Staff of Silverymoon: Every High Mage of Silverymoon since Aglanthol the Red has crafted a unique, personal symbol of office known as the staff of Silverymoon. The Brothers of the Black Hand stole Ederan Nharimlur's first staff along with a number of other priceless magical artifacts in 766 DR during the construction of the High Palace of Silverymoon.

Fashioned from duskwood and topped with the carved head of a cat, Ederan's staff of Silverymoon allows the wielder to cast the following spells:

Caster Level: 13th; Prerequisites: Craft Staff, alter self, cat's grace, darkvision, globe of invulnerability, spell turning; Market Price: 85,500 gp; Weight: 5 lb.

Chainmail Glove of Taarnahm the Vigilant: Fashioned of tiny links of mithral, this +1 gauntlet bestows a +1 initiative bonus. The chainmail glove of Taarnahm the Vigilant also senses any creature within 120 feet who intends harm to the possessor, mentally alerting him or her of the danger from an unfriendly creature. (It does not however give any other clue to the identity of the threat.)

Caster Level: 3rd; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, alarm; Market Price: 10,000 gp; Weight: 2 lb.

Tasmia's Necklace: Thought to lie somewhere within the ruins of Hellgate Keep, Tasmia's necklace is a string of four sapphires and three beljurils once worn by the High Lady of Ascalhorn. Similar in function to a helm of brilliance, each jewel in Tasmia's necklace can perform a single spell-like power once:

Jewel Effect

Beljuril lightning bolt (10d6)
Sapphire summon monster V

Once all of its jewels have lost their magic, the necklace loses its powers and the gems turn to worthless powder. Removing a jewel from the necklace destroys it.

Caster Level: 10th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, lightning bolt, summon monster V; Market Price: 17,000 gp; Weight: -- .

Jaluster's Pipestaff: Fashioned of weirwood, this most unusual looking quarterstaff has a small hole in the top and a 6 inch long pipe stem emerging at a right angle about 1 foot from the top of the stave. Jaluster was an Ascalhi wizard who was torn apart by fiends during the fall of Ascalhorn as he tried to save that city from their domination. He is said to have destroyed three liches and at least five tanar'ri that day ere he died. Although his orizon was spirited to safety by the bard Maerstar, the archmage's pipestaff was apparently lost years before to the Brotherhood of the Black Hand. It now lies hidden within the Crypt of the Black Hand, buried beneath the ruins of Hellgate Keep.

In addition to serving as a convenient pipe, Jaluster's pipestaff allows the wielder to cast the following spells:

Moreover, if so commanded, the pipestaff begins to smoke in a fashion identical to that of an eversmoking bottle. In the first round, smoke pours forth, totally obscuring vision across a spread of 50 feet. In subsequent rounds, the smoke spreads until it has spread 100 feet. This area remains smoke-filled until a second command is uttered, after which the smoke dissipates normally.

Caster Level: 17th; Prerequisites: Craft Staff, Craft Wondrous Item, flame arrow, flaming sphere, fire shield, meteor swarm, pyrotechnics; Market Price: 116,700 gp; Weight: 5 lb.


Mintiper's Chapbook Part 5

Delimbiyra's Shining Bow: Crafted of phandar wood ere the fall of Eaerlann, this +1 mighty composite longbow (+4 Strength bonus) glows with a silvery light equivalent to that of a torch (20-foot radius). Nonmagical arrows shot from this longbow become silvered in flight. Moreover, any creature struck by a nonmagical arrow shot from this longbow, plus any objects within a 5-foot radius burst, are subject to the effects of a silver-hued faerie fire spell.

As "Delimbiyr" is simply the elven name for "Shining," it is believed that the common name by which this weapon is known reflects a misunderstanding by the human bard who wrote of this weapon. To the elves, it is simply "Delimbiyra" which means "Shining Bow." In any event, the weapon has never been recovered from fallen Myth Glaurach, and the weapon may still lie within the City of Scrolls.

Caster Level: 4th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, faerie fire, silvered weapon; Market Price: 12,800 gp; Weight: 3 lb.; Cost to Create: 6,000 gp + 480 XP.

Dragontear Crown of Sharrven (Minor Artifact): The dragontear crown of Sharrven is a delicate diadem made of thin mithral chains adorned with tiny diamonds. A large king's tear hangs across the brow when worn, containing the image of a majestic silver dragon. The dragontear crown of Sharrven has the properties of a greenstone amulet, including protecting the wearer as if under a mind blank spell. The wearer also gains a +4 resistance bonus against necromancy effects or any effect that would transport the wearer to another locale or dimension. If such an effect normally does not allow a saving throw (such as the maze spell), the user can attempt a Will save (DC 20) to negate the effect. Finally, the dragontear crown of Sharrven renders the wearer immune to magical and nonmagical fear and enables the wearer to speak, understand, and write Draconic.

Caster Level: 15th; Weight: 1 lb.

Shattered Staff of Starsongs: Fashioned from shadow wood, which is known for its propensity to split down its length under stress into a splayed mass of fibers, this weapon appears to be a normal +1 quarterstaff. At will, the wielder can command a small piece of wood to break off from the shattered staff and fly as an arrow towards a target. When used in this fashion, the shattered staff has a range increment of 60 feet and inflicts 1d6 points of damage. Bonuses for high Strength do not apply. This use of the shattered staff is considered an exotic weapon. Finally, at the wearer's command, the shattered staff begins to sing elven songs in the language of Seldruin dating back to the height of Aryvandaar. The effect is akin to that of an enthrall spell.

Caster Level: 12th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Market Price: 32,300 gp; Weight: 4 lb.

Silvered Weapon
Level: Brd 0, Clr 0, Drd 0, Pal 1, Rgr 1, Sor/Wiz 0
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Target: One weapon or projectile
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: None

You transform a single weapon or projectile into a silvered weapon or silvered projectile. A silvered weapon or projectile functions as a normal item of its type, except that silvered weapons or projectiles can hurt some creatures that can resist damage from normal weapons, such as werewolves.

Material Component: A silver coin.


Mintiper's Chapbook Part 7

Amber Acorns of the Moonwood Circle: The amber acorns of the Moonwood Circle looks like a necklace of four acorns strung along a string of woven roots. Like a necklace of prayer beads, once the wearer casts a divine spell, the item's true nature becomes apparent. Each acorn actually consists of amber and contains a small piece of elemental matter -- air, earth, fire, or water -- encased within. Once per day for each elemental type, the wearer of the necklace can cast summon nature's ally VI, summoning a creature of that elemental type. (Each type essentially has one charge per day.) This item counts as a necklace with respect to the limit on magic items worn.

Caster Level: 11th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, summon nature's ally VI; Market Price: 95,100 gp; Weight: --.

Silver Sickles of Soranth: The legendary druid Soranth forged the twin silver scimitars known as the silver sickles of Soranth, and they were wielded by six successive archdruids after his death. Over a century ago, a druidic oracle prophesied that all of Aryvandaar would be encased in fiery ice should the twin crescents shed the blood of the seventh child of Soranth. It is unclear whether or not the prophecy refers to the silver sickles or, if it does, what it means, but no druid has dared wield them since. At present, the silver sickles of Soranth lie hidden within the hoard of Gildenfire the Druid Dragon for safekeeping.

The silver sickles of Soranth are both +1 lycanthrope bane sickles. When employed together, they grant the wearer Two-Weapon Fighting feat. As noted in Magic of Faerûn, page 180, weapons forged of treated silver can damage creatures whose damage reduction type is silver, and they deal +1 damage to such creatures.

Caster Level: 8th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, summon monster I; Market Price: 51,306 gp each; Weight: 3 lb. each; Cost to Create: 25,306 gp + 1,000 XP.


Mintiper's Chapbook Part 8

Spear of Morgur: Plundered from Illusk by Uthgar Gardolfsson's raiders, this duskwood lance is tipped with a spearhead fashioned from dragon bone and bathed in rose-hued flames. Morgred Gardolfsson, brother of Uthgar, claimed the weapon as his own until his death. It then passed to one of the twelve sons of Uthgar, eventually becoming the traditional weapon of the leader of the Red Pony tribe. In the Year of the Sunless Passage (576 DR), the entire Red Pony and Golden Eagle tribes vanished into the Underdark by way of a passage beneath the One Stone ancestor mound. Over the course of many years of wandering, both tribes degenerated into grimlocks, although they have maintained debased traditions harkening back to their former way of life. Members of both tribes now live near and worship at a subterranean ancestor mound in the Cavern of Cloven Heads, and the Spear of Morgur serves as the traditional weapon of the Red Pony chieftain.

The spear of Morgur is a +1 brilliant energy longspear. Any creature touched by the spear of Morgur is bathed in rose-hued faerie fire for 1 full round.

Caster Level: 16th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, continual flame, faerie fire, gaseous form; Market Price: 54,305; Weight: 9 lb.; Cost to Create: 25,000 gp + 1,000 XP.


Mintiper's Chapbook Part 9

Orb of Starunes (Minor Artifact): The orb of starunes is a massive black sapphire that has been carved in the shape of a 1 foot diameter sphere. Sinister runes dance in its depths, just slightly out of focus.

The orb of starunes is similar in appearance to a crystal ball, but it does not function as a scrying device. Anyone who stares into the orb and makes a successful Concentration check (DC 15) can decipher the runes, causing the orb to project its contents into their mind. This effect is akin to reading from a book of vile darkness. Handling the orb has similar effects to handling a book of vile darkness.

Caster Level: 19th; Weight: 7 lb.

Stave of Turlang (Minor Artifact): The stave of Turlang is a magical rod fashioned in the form of an oaken staff filigreed with gold-flecked amber. Carved from the broken branch of the great treant, the stave of Turlang transforms into a treant (as the spell changestaff) if the end of the stave is planted in the ground and the word "Turlang" is spoken. Unlike the spell, however, the stave transforms into a true treant, capable of conversing with other treants and controlling trees.

Caster Level: 24th; Weight: 5 lb.

Writhing Asps of Sss'thasine'ss (Minor Artifact): Carved from green marble, the writhing asps of Sss'thasine'ss is a hideous statue approximately 1 foot in length and shaped in the form of a mass of writhing snakes. The writhing asps of Sss'thasine'ss has lain undisturbed in the Hall of Mists for millennia, undisturbed since the era of the Creator Races. Who or what Sss'thasine'ss is or was has been lost to history, although fragmentary lore known only to a few elven sages suggests that he may have once been a deity venerated by the sauroid creator race.

The statue is not inherently evil, although it might easily be mistaken otherwise. If even a single drop of blood is shed on it, the writhing asps immediately animate into one hundred tiny vipers (see the Monster Manual). In the round that follows, the snakes then attack any creature within 5 feet of where the statue stood. Anyone bit by one or more snakes receives the benefit of a heal spell (healing the effects of the snake bites as well). The snake's venomous bite has a most unusual effect as well; it permanently imbues the recipient with the Snake Blood feat (detailed in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting). While some might view this bonus feat as a gift, to others it is a horrifying curse. After 1 round, the snakes return to statuette form. Treat the healing effect as initial damage with no save (as the spell has none), and the feat should be treated as secondary damage (injury DC 18).

The only way to destroy the writhing asps of Sss'thasine'ss is to slay all the snakes before they return to statuette form.

Caster Level: 20th; Weight: 50 lb.

Mintiper's Chapbook