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(Part #48) : The Road to Khôltar, Part 1

The Cairns

Well, 'tis time to shake the dust of Delzimmer from our boots and head out of town. Go north, unless ye've a particular love for feeling the bite of dusk-elven whips -- or halfling fingers delving into thy purse several dozen times a minute. (I usually fill my purse with snapjaw-springs before venturing into Luiren, and ye can often trace my trail there by the sounds of hissing, cursing, and whimpering hin . . . but that's another tale, for another time.)

We leave Delzimmer on the Traders' Way: the broad, well-used caravan road that runs north and west from Delzimmer to the Great Rift, and thence to meet the Golden Road trade route and the cities of Lapaliiya.

Stone cairns (and natural crags and pinnacles) stand on the east side of this road at irregular intervals. Raised in times forgotten to keep carters on the correct route when duststorms rage, they've been plundered by builders seeking construction stone and tumbled by weather and are now little better than the fangs of an aged hunting cat that has many teeth missing.

A few are still useful as rendezvous points, and counting from Delzimmer north, these are:

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