Elminster Speaks

(Part #3)

The Bron's Deputies

Buorstag's six deputies are all Zhentilar-trained warriors, chosen for brawn and obedience rather than ambition, and are apt to be careful first and valorous later. All are large, strong men; stolid, silent types given to iron self-control and brutality when unleashed. They're known by sight and feared by most Voonlarrans.

On duty or off, the deputies are usually armed and armored, clad in helms, gauntlets, chain mail, and deep green jerkins that bear the 'five white coins in a circle' badge of Voonlar on their backs and breasts. They usually wield clubs, short swords, and daggers, but have access to a small arsenal of weapons and plate armor in tiny stone 'gatehouses' at the Throat, the Stagfoot (the intersection where the White Stag stands), and in 'the Locktower,' which serves as a town jail, barracks, and armory. This is a squat stone keep of surpassing ugliness and poor, already-crumbling construction, which stands on the west side of the Northride where it meets with Runstal's Ride.

There are stalls for a dozen horses in the Locktower, and the floor drain serves as a partial ceiling for the jail cells below. There are six three-person cells beneath the stalls, each normally containing prisoners that are held at Buorstag's pleasure (usually until they or someone else offers to pay for their release). Prisoners are customarily stripped and fed only water and stale bread.

The Militia of Voonlar

The Bron has the authority to raise a militia by a simple decree known as 'the Whelming'. These men and women assemble at the Locktower and are issued pikes and distinctive orange helms; some also purchase padded jerkins from Buorstag. All train with crossbows and pikes, but no Voonlarran, except farmers on the outermost edges of the patrolled Voonlarran territory, are allowed to possess bows of any kind. The farmers receive special dispensation for "vermin and brigand control," as such weapons are normally issued for training and at active duty musters, and collected again afterward. This practice has led most Voonlarrans to keep dogs and cats to hunt and devour moles, rats, mice, foxes, and other vermin.

Seventy-odd militiamen have been trained; all are considered at least competent to point a pike in the right direction. As there are only 20 crossbows, archery practice is infrequent, and no more than 20 bowmen can take the field at a muster. Perhaps 16 Voonlarrans are competent bowmen. Luckily for fleeing fugitives, neither the Bron nor his deputies are among them.

The Deputies of Voonlar

Andrus Kriivor; 5th-level human male fighter: AL NE; AC 5 (chain mail & shield) or 2 (plate mail & shield), hp 44; THAC0 15 (specialization); #AT 3/2, Dmg 1d8+2 (long sword, specialization); S 15, D 10, C 15, I 12, W 9, Ch 10. Andrus is the closest thing among the deputies to a natural battle-leader, and he's respected for his skill with a sword as well as his ability to think tactically during moments of crisis.

Barimus Whitehand; 4th-level human male fighter: AL LN; AC 6 (chain mail) or 3 (plate mail); hp 25; THAC0 16 (Strength); #AT 1; Dmg 1d10+1 (two-handed sword, Strength); S 17, D 11, C 10, I 10, W 11, Cha 13. Barimus more or less stumbled his way into the position of deputy, helping the Bron fend off an attack one night. He's not a violent man by nature, but he's found that things stay much more calm through judicious use of force.

Caldor Fuldren; 3rd-level human male fighter: AL NE; AC 4 (chain mail & shield, Dexterity) or 1 (plate mail & shield, Dexterity); hp 20; THAC0 17; #AT 3/2, Dmg 1d6+2 (short sword, specialization); S 12, D 15, C 11, I 12, W 8, Ch 11. Caldor is the most cruel of the deputies, and apt to lash out without warning against anyone who seems to oppose the Bron. He's highly unpredictable in battle situations, but generally follows the orders of Andrus.

Holman Frostfeather; 5th-level human male fighter: AL LN; AC 2 (chain mail & shield, Dexterity) or 0 (plate mail & shield, Dexterity); hp 39; THAC0 16; #AT 1; Dmg 1d8+1 (long sword +1), S 14; D 16; C 12; I 11, W 10, Ch 9. A renegade from a distant thieves guild, Holman quickly joined up with the Bron when he saw the opportunity to live out his life in safety. Of all the deputies, he's the most kind-hearted and humorous, always quick to crack a joke or make light of any given situation.

Jalarkh Ohngate; 4th-level human male fighter: AL NE; AC 5 (chain mail & shield) or 2 (plate mail & shield); hp 40; THAC0 14 (specialization, Strength); #AT 3/2 (specialized with scimitar); Dmg 1d8+7 (specialization, Strength, scimitar +1); S 18/80 (+2/+4), D 10, C 15, I 12, W 9, Ch 12. Jalarkh is the undisputed 'muscle' behind the Bron's deputies. Mute his entire life, he spent his life perfecting his weapons skills and getting used to taking orders.

Marsara Storntil; 3rd-level human female fighter: AL NE; AC 4 (chain mail & shield, Dexterity) or 1 (plate mail & shield, Dexterity); hp 22; THAC0 17 (specialization); #AT 3/2, Dmg 1d8+3 (specialization, battle axe +1); S 12; D 15; C 12; I 15, W 13, Ch 15. A devout follower of Cyric, Marsara used to live in Zhentil Keep until shortly before the events that led up to its destruction. While traveling through Voonlar, she saw a sign that led her to believe she should remain here, though she won't discuss the specifics of the portent with anyone.

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