Local Creatures

Some locales host greater than normal concentrations of certain creatures. A few of the most notable such areas are described below.

Anauroch: Bedine humans, Netherese shades. The Bedine usually are encountered in scouting groups or patrols, both mounted on horses or camels. Bedine scouts include 1d3+1 1st-level warriors and 1d2 rangers of level 1d3+2. A Bedine patrol has 1d4+4 1st-level warriors, 1 3rd-level cleric, and 1 leader of level 1d3+3. To determine the leader's class, roll d%: 01-75, fighter; 76-85, ranger; 86-90 cleric; 91-95, sorcerer; 96-100, wizard. The Bedine can be of any good alignment

Battle of Bones: Undead of all varieties.

Bay of Chult: Dragon turtles.

Border Forest: Dryads, pixies, satyrs, sprites.

Chondalwood: Dryads, ghostwise halflings, pixies, satyrs, sprites, wild elves.

Chult: Chuuls, dinosaurs, dwarves, goblins, human tribesfolk, wild pterafolk, yuan-ti. Less common are aarakocras, hydras, nagas, troglodytes, trolls, and wyverns. Use the information on the Bedine from the Anauroch entry, above for the humans and dwarves.

Cloven Mountains: Bugbears, goblins, hobgoblins, orcs.

Cold Wood: Uthgardt barbarians; use the information on the Bedine (in the Anauroch entry), above.

Cormanthor: Drow, elves.

The Deepwash: Dragon turtles, lizardfolk.

Deepwing Mountains: Griffons, hippogriffs, manticores, red dragons, wyverns.

Dragon's Run Mountains: Hill giants, stone giants, undead giants, (patrols from Cairuheim in the Underdark). Use the statistics for huge zombies from the Monster Manual.

Dragonspine Mountains: Bugbears, goblins, hobgoblins, orcs, red dragons, and white dragons among the peaks. Stone giants, frost giants, and hill giants in lower peaks and most of the valleys.

Earthspur/Earthfast Mountains: Bugbears, drow, goblins, hobgoblins, orcs.

Evermoors: Trolls.

Flooded Forest: Assassin vines, black dragons, dark trees, lizard-folk, shambling mounds, shriekers, tendriculoses, violet fungi.

Forgotten Forest: Treants.

Forest of Wyrms: Green dragons.

Galena Mountains: Dwarves, giants, goblins. (Underdark is nearby with drow, derro, and duergar.)

Giantspires: Bugbears, hill giants, hobgoblins, ogres, stone giants.

Graycloak Hills: Elves.

Graypeak Mountains: Stone giants.

Hazuk Mountains: Stone giants.

High Forest: Centaurs, treants, wood elves.

Icelace Lake: Dire bears (on shore}

Lizard Marsh: Dinosaurs, black dragons, lizardfolk.

Long Forest: Tall mouthers, trolls.

Lonely Moor: Gnolls, leucrottas, ores, perytons, bulettes.

Lurkwood: Orcs.

Marsh of Chelimber: Bullywugs, lizardfolk, sivs.

Mere of Dead Men: Lizardfolk, bullywugs, sivs.

Mhair Jungles: Wild dwarves.

Misty Forest: Hybsils, wood elves.

Moander's Road area: Fungi, oozes.

Moonwood: Lycanthropes (all types except werecrocodiles).

Naga flow/Naga water: Water nagas.

Peaks of Flame: Salamanders, other fire creatures.

Rauvin Mountains: Goblins, orcs.

Reaching Woods: Centaur, hybsils, satyr, druids.

Serpent Hills: Copper, red, and silver dragons, snakes, yuan-ti.

Southern Lluirwood: Beholders, yuan-ti.

Spiderhaunt Woods: Chitines, ettercaps, monstrous spiders of all types.

Tashalar (Black Jungles): Yuan-ti.

Trollhark Forest: Trolls.

Trollclaws: Trolls, tall mouthers.

Troll Hills: Trolls.

Troll Mountains: Bughears, goblins, hobgoblins, orcs, trolls.

Valley of Lost Honor: Batiri (human tribe), use the information on the Bedine (in the Anauroch entry, above). Also natural predators (lions, tigers, bears, and so on).

Wood of Sharp Teeth: Dire beasts, dragons, hydras.

Wyvernfang: Wyverns.

Lands of Faerûn