History of the Imperial South


Year Event
-11000 Taark Shanat the Crusader and his eight sons lead a great exodus of dwarves from Bhaerynden to a new kingdom in the west. These emigrants become known as shield dwarves and establish the underground realm of Shanatar beneath present-day Amn, Tethyr, Calimshan, and the Lake of Steam.
-10800 followers of Shanat are attacked by the mysterious inhabitants of Rringlor Noroth. The Stout Folk prevail after Taark slays the four blue dragons that claimed the Rift of Dhalnadar. The Wyrmskull Throne is formed. Taark Shanat renames the wyrms' lair Brightaxe Hall and founds the kingdom of Alatorin.
-10500 eight sons of Shanat set off to found their own kingdoms nearby. Because each son claims a different child of Moradin as a patron deity, each subkingdom becomes closely linked with the church of a particular god or goddess.
-9600 drow city of Guallidurth is founded. The first drow civilizations rise in the Underdark.
-9000 subkingdoms of Shanatar battle each other in a bid to extend their borders. This series of conflicts is known as the Spawn Wars because the dwarves make extensive use of deepspawn legions.
-8800 After a severe drought, an attack by a flight of red dragons on the great elven forest of Keltormir sparks a terrible fire that destroys thousands of miles of woodlands.
-8170 Drow from Guallidurth attack Alatorin, beginning the First Spider War.
-8150 First Spider War ends with the capture of Brightaxe Hall by drow forces. The kingdom of Alatorin falls.
-8145 eight reigning kings of Shanatar forge an armistice and turn their armies against the drow in the Second Spider War.
-8137 dwarves drive the drow from the caverns of Alatorin. The eight kings of Shanatar pledge on the Wyrmskull Throne that they will never again fight one another. The subkingdoms of Shanatar are united under the rule of the king of Ultoksamrin.
-8100 mind flayers of Oryndoll attack the eastern kingdoms of Shanatar, beginning the Mindstalker Wars.
-8080 Shanatar beats back the mind flayers and discovers that the illithids have enslaved Clan Duergar of Barakuir.
-7800 A noble djinni named Calim arrives in Faerûn and founds the Calim Empire on the present-day site of Calimport.
-7790 Calimport falls to a flight of dragons. In retaliation, Calim attacks the wyrms in their lairs, driving them north from the Marching Mountains.
-7717 reigning ataman of the Great Dismal Delve (a dao lord) establishes a portal between his holdings on the Elemental Plane of Earth and a cavern complex beneath what is now the occupied town of Kzelter.
-7700 Rogue marids from the Calim Empire enter Selmalyr (undersea Vilhon Reach), sparking war with the sea elves. The marids and their jann spread into Serôs, where they ally with the other aquatic races. Because these new Marid States are located in deep water beneath the Hmur Plateau, their residents face no direct elven retribution for their expansionist activities.
-7690 Calim negotiates the borders of his empire with the elves and dwarves and finally claims the lands south of the River Agis.
-7687 noble marid Ajhuu establishes a kingdom within the lands claimed by the Calim Empire. The armies of Calim and Ajhuu battle for sovereignty of the region south of the Marching Mountains in a conflict called the Steam Wars.
-7540 Calim sinks the marid city of Ajhuutal into the Shining Sea.
-6800 An efreeti named Memnon arrives in Faerûn and founds the country of Memnonnar north of the River Agis.
-6500 Elf refugees from Syòrpiir found Nikerymath in the Chondalwood, beginning with the city of Rucien Xan. The armies of Memnon and Calim battle each other, beginning a 400-year-long war known as the Era of Skyfire.
-6150 drow of Guallidurth invade Alatorin, beginning the Third Spider War.
-6120 dwarves abandon Alatorin to the drow, thereby ending the Third Spider War.
-6100 Era of Skyfire ends when the high magic of the elves forcibly disembodies Calim and Memnon and binds their elemental essences to the sky and earth, respectively. The ongoing struggles of the two noble genies create the Calim Desert.
-6095 Shanataran dwarves ally with Calishite humans against the remaining genies.
-6060 Humans and dwarves oust the last genies from Calim's realm. The humans found Coramshan on the site and rebuild the cities of Calimport and Keltar.
-5960 Dwarves found the realm of High Shanatar.
-5800 nation of Jhaamdath is born when human settlements north of the Chondalwood unite under the Dath Dynasty and its greatest psionic warrior, Jhaam.
-5750 Jhaamdath's psionic leaders found Dhinnilith, the First City of the Sword.
-5600 Porrenath is founded, becoming the Second City of the Sword.
-5500 Jhouram the Port City becomes the Third City of the Sword.
-5425 Gharrent and Golmuth are founded as the Fourth and Fifth Cities of the Sword.
-5400 On the slopes of Mount Kellarak, dwarves kill some human tomb robbers, including the heir to the throne of Coramshan. This incident precipitates three millennia of war between the dwarves and the humans of Coramshan.
-5360 dwarves of High Shanatar battle the giants of Nedeheim in a conflict called the Giant Wars. During this sixty-year period, more than half of the giant population south of the Cloud Peaks is exterminated, and the realm of Nedeheim is reduced to scattered clanholds.
-5330 Murabir (warlord-ruler) of Coramshan seizes much of southern High Shanatar (including Iltakar, home to the modern-day ruins of Shoonach) while dwarf armies battle giants to the north. Lirremar (present-day Hlondeth) becomes Jaamdath's Sixth City of the Sword.
-5300 First Age of Calimshan begins. The land is divided into two realms, Mir and Coramshan.
-5270 In alliance with Coramshan, Mit begins wars of conquest to the east.
-5250 twin cities of Tuoxent and Hollinth become Jhaamdath's Seventh and Eighth Cities of the Sword.
-5100 Mir cements control of all lands south of the River Ith and begins founding fortress-cities on the northern shore f the Lake of Steam.
-5032 armies of Mir and Jhaamdath clash for the first time in the Mir-Jhaamdath War. Mir is dealt a crushing blow.
-5007 Coramshan and Mir unite in the face of the threat from Jhaamdath.
-5005 Coramshan and Jhaamdath declare a truce, and both nations abandon their claims to the Lake of Steam. Mir and Coramshan combine to form Calimshan.
-4850 Jhirrent is founded, becoming the Ninth City of the Sword.
-4620 Inixrien becomes the Tenth City of the Sword.
-4470 Corrant is founded, becoming Jhaamdath's Eleventh City of the Sword.
-4230 Mirrindith the Last becomes the Twelfth City of the Sword.
-4000 duergar rebel against their illithid masters and eventually free themselves from the mind flayers' dominion. They carve out their own holdings in the northern Underdark beneath the Orsraun Mountains and in isolated caverns deep beneath the Great Glacier.
-2600 last forces of High Shanatar fall to Calimshan along the banks of the Sulduskoon River. Fleeing dwarves seal the entrances to Deep Shanatar.
-2391 Streaking meteors are seen over the Lake of Steam. Zokir, City of Orbs, is founded beneath the Alimir Mountains.
-2381 Beholders plague Jhaamdathan and Calishite colonies around the Alimir Mountains.
-1900 Third Age of Calimshan begins. The empire now includes Coramshan, Mir, Tethyr, and Iltkazar.
-1850 Under the leadership of their greatest queen, Duerra, the gray dwarves of Underspires launch attacks against the drow of Undraeth, the illithids of Oryndoll, and eventually the remnants of Deep Shanatar.
-1838 Ylveraasahlisar, the Rose Dragon, conquers Calimshan.
-1800 In a series of conflicts called the Kin Clashes, the descendants of Clan Duergar invade the realms of Ultoksamrin and Holorarar in Deep Shanatar, and others soon follow. Only Iltkazar survives the gray dwarf invasion. Duerra is rewarded with divine ascension. Dunspeirrin, City of Sunken Spires, soon falls into a centuries-long decline.
-1726 Calishite nobles slay Ylveraasahlisar.
-1700 Calishite nobles begin hunting elves for sport.
-1428 Beholders from the Alimir Mountains conquer Calimshan and Iltkazar.
-1402 Calimshan is freed, and the beholders are expelled from the nation.
-1280 Resurgent beholders attack Calimshan along the Alimir Peninsula.
-1080 beholders are pushed back to the Lake of Steam. Calimshan's rule extends as far east as Mintar.
-1050 For nearly four hundred years, Calimshan's armies slowly drive the eye tyrants back into the Underdark.
-900 Fourth Age of Calimshan begins with the military in control of the empire.
-790 Night Wars begin with the first drow attacks on Calimshan's borders.
-680 Year of Creeping Thieves Calimshan colonizes the Lake of Steam.
-670 Year of Unfurled Sails For three hundred years, increasing numbers of slaves escape from Calimshan and Tethyr.
-650 Year of Flames Rising Iltkazar becomes independent when Calishite power begins to wane in the face of drow attacks.
-530 Year of Meager Means Night Wars end.
-450 Year of Dwarves' Descent Calimshan loses control of the Lake of Steam and the Shining Sea.
-400 Year of Gilded Sky Calishites begin settling land around the Deepwash.
-387 Year of Shattered Walls Tethyrian clans sack Calishite-controlled Zazesspur.
-307 Year of Illuminated Vellum Tethyrian clans conquer the city of Myratma and rename it Artrimmar.
-293 Year of Tyrant Hawks Calimaronn falls to Tethyrian barbarians, who rename it Ithmong.
-288 Year of Eight Lightnings Calimshan accedes independence to Tethyr.
-276 Year of Overflowing Casks A bloody coup in Jhaamdath replaces the psiocracy of bladelords with a militant emperor, who commands the building of a great navy on the Inner Sea. Jhaamdathan loggers come into conflict with the elves of the Chondalwood. Over the next twenty years, Jhiamdathan forces hunt down and slaughter the elves.
-255 Year of Furious Waves A tidal wave created by elven high magic destroys Jhaamdath.
-230 Year of Loss Calimshan retakes Calimaronn (Ithmong) and Myratma (Artrimmar).
-221 Year of Shambling Shadows Along with their elf allies, the forces of Tethyr retake Ithmong and slay all Calishites.
-212 Year of High Thrones Myratma falls to Tethyrian barbarian clans.
-170 Year of Many Eyes Eye Tyrant Wars begin.
-166 Year of Seven Loves Lost Eye Tyrant Wars end.
-160 Year of Stone Giant Dodking refounds Nedeheim.
-5 Year of Feuds Tethyr falls under the control of Calimshan's syl-pasha.
27 Year of Shadowed Blades Sixth Age of Calimshan, also called the Age of Shoon, begins.
66 Year of Spellbound Heir Mith Barak the Clanless claims the throne of Iltkazar, the last remaining kingdom of Shanatar.
144 Year of Fear and Flame Chondath is founded on the ruins of Jhaamdath.
376 Year of Leaping Hare Shoon Imperium extends Calimshan's borders to the High Moor but is beaten back through Amn and Tethyr - all the way to Valashar - by the forces of Cormyr.
450 Year of Corrie Fist assassination of Qysar Amahl Shoon VII at the hands of Prince Strohm of Tethyr ends the Age of Shoon.
864 Year of Broken Branch lich Rysellan secretly founds the Twisted Rune in Calimport.
900 Year of Thirsty Sword Civil war breaks out in Chondath.
1018 Year of Dracorage blue dragon Sapphiraktar destroys Calimport and Keltar.
1235 Year of Black Horde A devastating invasion of orcs from the north takes the human lands of Amn, Tethyr, and Calimshan by surprise.
1354 Year of Bow Cowled Wizards of Amn discover the Wyrmskull Throne.
1360 Year of Turret Pirates in the Bay of Skulls discover the Wyrmskull Throne of Shanatar in the sheltering lee of Hook Isle; then it is once again lost to the world.
1369 Year of Gauntlet A large group of crusading gold dwarves leaves the Great Rift to reclaim the lost caverns of Deep Shanatar. The duergar of Dunspeirrin march on Deep Shanatar as well. The War of Gold and Gloom soon rages between the two armies of the Stout Folk.

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