History of the High Forest


Year Event
-9000 Fifth Grown War ends. The elves of Aryvandaar abandon the High Forest.
-8400 A few sun elves return to found Siluvanede in the northwestern reaches of the High Forest.
-7600 Moon elves and a few sun elves disaffected with Siluvanede's growing elitism found Sharrven in the southern reaches of the High Forest.
-4800 Dlardrageths subvert several powerful Siluvanedenn sun elf houses and, by encouraging demon-elf cross-breeding, create the fey'ri. The fey'ri houses conceal their secret heritage and come to wield great power in Siluvanede.
-4700 Nobles of Sharrven who seek to restrict the ambitious Siluvanedenn found the kingdom of Eaerlann.
-4500 elven tree city of Teuveamanthaar is founded on the present-day site of Talltrees and named the capital of Eaerlann.
-4500 High mages from Arcorar track House Dlardrageth to a secret lair beneath Ascal's Horn. With the aid of Eaerlanni forces, they slay several of the Dlardrageths. Other Siluvanedenn houses under Dlardrageth influence retaliate, beginning the Seven Citadels' War. Sarya Dlardrageth and her sons are captured, but the fey'ri-led Siluvanedenn fight on.
-4440 Eaerlann presses Siluvanede. The Siluvanedenn open several of Aryvandaar's ancient citadels and equip their warriors with Vyshaantar weapons. This tactic draws Sharrven into the war.
-4300 elves of Siluvanede erect a mythal in the city of Adofhaeranede and rename it Myth Adofhaer.
-4300 Seven Citadels' War ends, and Eaerlann forcibly annexes Siluvanede. Upon discovering the deceit of the fey'ri, untainted Siluvanedenn high mages place the city of Myth Adofhaer in magical stasis, effectively fleeing to the far future to escape association with the fey'ri houses. Most of the surviving fey'ri warriors are imprisoned in Nar Kerymhoirth (the Nameless Dungeon), but some avoid capture and eventually spawn long-lived houses of daemonfey that successfully conceal their nature.
-4000 Survivors of House Dlardrageth, a clan of demon-blooded sun elves, flee from Arcorar to Siluvanede.
-3900 Delzoun, the great Northkingdom of the dwarves, is founded.
-3843 drow city of Ched Nasad is founded, beginning of centuries of strife between the drow and the dwarves of Ammarindar.
-3830 elves of Eaerlann teach magic to the humans of Netheril.
-3416 Lowroad, an underground trade route linking Deizoun to Netherese towns, is completed.
-3373 King Azkuldar of Ammarindar initiates trade relations with the magic-wielding humans of Netheril.
-2770 fey'ri who survived the fall of Siluvanede covertly unleash monster hordes in the southern High Forest. The creatures destroy Sharrven before aid can arrive. King Coiinar IV of Ammarindar then vanquishes many of the creatures, including the red wyrm Rithaerosurffel, the Bane of Sharrven.
-1900 Citadel Felbarr is completed.
-1410 Shield dwarves settle the Graypeak Mountains.
-897 King Olaurin, greatest hero-king of Ammarindar, is slain by the deep dragon Erthungaron.
-550 Year of Glistening Dust King Azkuldar III of Ammarindar secretly creates the Xothol, an arcane college charged with guarding against the increasingly antagonistic Netherese.
-500 Year of Running Unicorns Citadel Sundbarr is completed.
-372 Year of Owls' Watching elves of Eaerlann found Ascalhorn.
-339 Year of Sundered Webs Netheril, the Empire of Magic, falls. The body of the momentary god Karsus falls to earth in the eastern region of the High Forest.
-334 Year of Three Seas' Rage dwarves build Besendar's Blockhouse on the site that will become current-day Everlund.
-333 Year of Humbling Havens Illuskan arcanist Macrin Immar commissions Fardelver and other dwarf artisans, from Delzoun to build Gauntlgrym.
-333 Year of Humbling Havens Ascalborn and Citadel Sundbarr accept human refugees from Netheril. As the Narrow Sea dries up, the dwarves begin the slow abandonment of Ascore.
-286 Year of Foul Awakenings Xothol is closed.
-272 Year of Songstones Citadel Adbar is completed.
-111 Year of Terrible Anger Delzoun is devastated by countless orc assaults that also destroy other kingdoms of the North. The elves of Iliyanbruen, Rilithar, and Eaerlann unite to shatter the strength of the orcs and halt their rampage into the High Forest and Dessarin Valley.
-104 Year of Star Stallion dwarves abandon Besendar's Blockhouse.
-100 Year of Black Unicorn underground realm of Delzoun falls to Underdark creatures. The dwarves' surface citadels survive the attack and remain in dwarf hands.
1 Year of Sunrise dwarves of Ammarindar complete Citadel Yaunoroth.
273 Year of Delighted Dwarves Three dwarf clans from Ammarindar and Citadel Felbarr migrate together to Myth Drannor.
329 Year of Closed Scroll Orcs sack the surface fortress of Citadel Sundbarr.
515 Year of Frivolous Exchange Humans from Ascalhorn resettle Besander's Blockhouse and rename it Everlund.
590 Year of Turning Leaf Elf and human wizards from Ascalhorn, Eaerlann, Evereska, Silverymoon, and Myth Drannor raise a wizard mythal over the Eaerlanni city of Glaurachyndaar, thereby establishing Myth Glaurach.
714 Year of Doom Myth Drannor falls.
820 Year of Roving Tyrant arcanist Wulgreth summons the first devils to Ascalhorn.
864 Year of Broken Branch Orcs of the Nethertusk Horde overrun Myth Glaurach.
880 Year of Unfettered Secrets Human wizards, influenced by the fey'ri, summon the first demons to Ascalhorn.
882 Year of Curse Demons and devils battle in Ascalhorn. The triumphant demons stream forth, bringing about the fall of Eaerlann and Ammarindar. The dwarves allow human refugees to settle in the surface strongholds of Citadel Sundbarr.
886 Year of Fell Firebreak Harpers place wards around Hellgate Keep to prevent demons from using their gate abilities.
890 Year of Burning Tree demons beneath Hellgate Keep begin tunneling to bypass the Harpers' wards.
912 Year of Sudden Journey Demons tunneling from under Hellgate Keep reach the Nether Mountains.
1104 Year of Dark Dawn Citadel Felbarr is attacked by an orc horde led by the ore chieftain Obould, who defeats the warriors of Silverymoon at the Battle of Many Arrows. The fortress falls into orc hands and is known thereafter as the Citadel of Many Arrows.
1221 Year of Frozen Flower Demons tunnel from Hellgate Keep to the abandoned tunnels of fallen Ammarindar.
1230 Year of Long Watch orcs breach Silverymoon and enter the city but are repelled by Harpers and elves.
1356 Year of Worm Demons tunnel from Hellgate Keep to the Nameless Dungeon.
1367 Year of Shield With the aid of knights from Silverymoon, the dwarves retake Citadel Felbarr.
1369 Year of Gauntlet Harpers destroy Hellgate Keep. The surviving daemonfey of House Dlardrageth are freed after millennia of imprisonment. The High Forest expands under the direction of Turlang the Treant.
1371 Year of Unstrung Harp Silver Marches is established. Forces from the Scourged Legion secure Northpeak.
1372 Year of Wild Magic Daemonfey occupy Myth Glaurach. City of Shade appears.
1373 Year of Rogue Dragons Under Kaanyr Vhok the Sceptered One, the Scourged Legion battles the drow of Menzoberranzan.
1374 Year of Lightning Storms daemonfey Sarya Dlardrageth frees the fey'ri imprisoned within the Nameless Dungeon. Her army of orcs, ogres, and fey'ri is defeated by the elves of the High Forest and forces from Evereska, Evermeet, and Silverymoon.

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