History of the God-Kings


Year Event
-8350 Imaskari tribes settle a vast, fertile plain in the area that will later become the Raurin Desert.
-8123 Imaskari artificers create the first permanent extradimensional space. Their fascination with such magic soon transforms Imaskari city design.
-7975 Inupras, the Imperial City of Imaskar, is founded. The first Imaskari emperor, Umyatin, assumes the title of lord artificer.
-6422 Imaskari city of Solon is founded.
-4370 A suspicious plague decimates Imaskari cities.
-4366 Imaskari artificers open twin portals to another world and magically abduct thousands of humans to serve as slaves. The artificers then erect a planar barrier to prevent contact between the slaves and their deities. Over time, the slaves intermarry with the Imaskari, and their descendants become a race in their own right that is later called the Mulan.
-3891 Under orders from Lord Artificer Omanond, Imaskari artificers create the Imaskarcana - seven items in which the empire's immense magical lore is recorded for all eternity.
-3234 Imaskari outpost known as Metos is founded in the Methwood.
-2489 deities of the Imaskari slaves bypass the planar barrier by sending physical manifestations and incarnations of themselves to Toril via the Astral Plane. Their first divine minions are anointed, and the Imaskari slaves revolt against their masters.
-2488 Horus slays Lord Artificer Yuvaraj, Emperor of Imaskar. Inupras falls, marking the end of the Imaskar Empire. The devastation wrought in the empire's fall turns the site into the Raurin Desert.
-2487 Imaskari's former slaves migrate westward to the shores of the Alamber Sea. Imaskari refugees flee to the Underdark, taking the Third Imaskarcana with them.
-2481 Ilphemon, an Imaskari lord, founds the hidden city of Deep Imaskar in the Earthroot area of the Underdark.
-2135 Some of the Imaskari's former slaves found the city of Skuld, which soon becomes the capital of a new nation called Mulhorand.
-2087 Other former slaves of Imaskar build a city called Unthalass, which becomes the capital of a new nation called Unther.
-1967 first Mulhorand-Unther war begins.
-1961 leaders of Mulhorand and Unther agree on a common border - the River of Swords.
-1500 Mulhorandi expansion results in the settlement of the Priador and annexation of Murghôm, the Plains of Purple Dust, and the Raurin Desert. Untheric expansion results in the settlement of the Wizards' Reach and much of the Eastern Shaar
-1482 Mulhorand conquers the eastern realm of Semphâr.
-1250 Untheric expansion north from the Wizards' Reach meets with resistance from the star elves of Yuirwood. Similar expansion near the Great Rift generates conflict with the gold dwarves.
-1124 Mulhorandi outpost of Semkhrun is founded in Semphâr.
-1081 Mulhorandi wizard Thayd and his co-conspirators rebel against the, empire and are defeated. Thayd is executed.
-1075 Orcgate Wars begin in the region that is now Thay. Renegade Mulhorandi wizards employ Imaskari portal magic to open planar gates to an orc world. Mulhorand hires Nar, Raumathari, Rashemi, and Sossrim mercenaries to fight the orc invaders.
-1071 orc god Gruumsh kills the Mulhorandi deity Ra in the first known deicide. The Untheric gods Inanna, Girru, Ki, Marduk, Nanna-Sin, Nergal, and Utu are also slain by orc deities.
-1069 Orcgate is destroyed, and the invading orcs are defeated in the Priador.
-1050 Set murders Osiris.
-1048 Isis resurrects Osiris. Horus-Re battles Set and becomes chief of the Mulhorandi pantheon. The First Mulhorand Empire ends.
-970 Nentyareh of Tharos builds his capital at DunTharos and forges the Crown of Narfell. He begins conquering the surrounding Nar kingdoms and uniting them under his rule.
-946 nentyarch's armies destroy Shandaular, the capital of Ashanath. All the Nar kingdoms are united into an empire called Narfell.
-900 Nar and Raumathari Empires rise to prominence. The Raumvirans establish Winterkeep.
-734 Gilgeam becomes god-king of Unther. The First Untheric Empire comes to an end.
-623 Year of Clipped Wings Narfell's attempt to invade Mulhorand and Unther by sea fails.
-425 Year of Ancestral Voices Paladins of Osiris destroy the Mulhorandi city of Sekras.
-160 Year of Stone Giant Narfell and Raumathar begin their final war - a decade-long cataclysm that involves the summoning of demon lords and an avatar of Kossuth. A secret Raumathari sisterhood is formed to preserve Raumathar's lore.
-135 Year of Old Beginnings Mulhorandi found Kensten (modern Bezantur) on the coast of Wizards' Reach.
-82 Year of Witches A clandestine order of masked witches emerges near Lake Tirulag and makes itself known to the folk of Rashemen.
-75 Year of Leather Shields An alliance of witches and barbarians overthrows the demon lord Eltab and forms the nation of Rashemen.
108 Year of Mortified Monk Alamber River floods, devastating Unthalass.
202 Year of Fanged Gauntlet Arkaiuns from Eltabranar invade Mulhorand and Unther and continue to raid cities and towns in both realms for the next two years.
482 Year of Blighted Vine northern cities of Delthuntle and Laothkund declare independence from Unther.
504 Year of Eclipsed Heart Teth and Nethra declare independence from Unther. Unther begins a military campaign to reclaim its rebel cities.
625 Year of Torrents city of Escalant secedes from Unther.
643 Year of Nesting Harpy Mulhorandi wizard Nezram leaves his tower by the shores of Lake Azulduth to explore other worlds.
677 Year of Resonant Silence Gilgeam sends a naval armada to Aglarond to crush the rebellious cities of the Wizards' Reach. Terrible storms force the Untheric fleet to turn back.
679 Year of Scarlet Sash Unther recognizes the sovereignty of the Wizards' Reach cities, and the Second Untheric Empire ends.
722 Year of Last Hunt Great Druid of Leth claims the ancient title of nentyarch and raises a tree-fortress over the tainted ruins of Dun-Tharos.
731 Year of Visions A second flood devastates Unthalass. Gilgeam claims the mountain stronghold of the slain brown dragon Vulpomyscan and renames it the Citadel of Black Ash.
823 Year of Floating Petals Mourktar secedes from Unther.
922 Year of Spouting Fish Red Wizards wrest the Priador from Mulhorand at the battle of Thazalhar and found the nation of Thay. Delhumide, the Mulhorandi imperial city, is razed by Red Wizards. The Second Mulhorandi Empire ends.
929 Year of Flashing Eyes Several Chessentan cities form an alliance under the leadership of the warlord Tchazzar and secede from Unther.
976 Year of Slaying Spells A Mulhorandi invasion of Thay is repelled.
1018 Year of Dracorage King Tehazzar of Chessenta dies in battle against sahuagin. His body is never found, so his people assume that he has ascended to godhood.
1030 Year of Warlords Zulkirs are established as the ruling body of Thay.
1098 Year of Rose A Thayan invasion of Mulhorand fails.
1117 Year of Twelverule Chessenta breaks up into squabbling city-states.
1183 Year of Grisly Ghosts Paladins of Osiris level the city of Sekras and clear Sebek's followers from the River of Swords.
1248 Year of Cockatrice Rehorusteb II becomes Pharaoh of Mulhorand.
1280 Year of Manticore Thay launches an invasion of Mulhorand and nearly overruns Sultim.
1301 Year of Trumpet A cult of Tiamat becomes active in Unther.
1317 Year of Wandering Wyrm Dragon Plague of the Inner Sea takes a huge toll in Unther.
1320 Year of Watching Cold Akonhorus II becomes Pharaoh of Mulhorand.
1322 Year of Lurking Death Alasklerbanbastos, the Great Bone Wyrm, emerges from the Riders to the Sky aid begins a summer-long reign of terror in Chessenta.
1324 Year of Grimoire Dragon Plague ends in Unther.
1357 Year of Prince Horustep III takes the throne of Mulhorand at age 11.
1358 Year of Shadows Tiamat slays Gilgeam, and Unthalass is heavily damaged during their battle. Assuran (Hoar) slays Ramman, bringing the Untheric pantheon to an end. Riots erupt throughout Unther, and the empire falls into chaos. Ao dissolves the Imaskari planar barrier, and the incarnations of Mulhorandi deities leave Toril to rejoin their divine essences.
1359 Year of Serpent high priests of Gilgeam flee with Unther's military elite to the Citadel of Black Ash. Tuigan forces raze Citadel Rashemar.
1360 Year of Turret A volcanic eruption created by magic buries the Sempbari city of Solon under magma.
1365 Year of Sword Alasklerbanbastos and the young chromatic wyrms who follow him seize control of Threskel, Thamor, Mordulkin, Mount Thulbane, and the Watcher's Cape.
1369 Year of Gauntlet island known as the Ship of the Gods explodes. Tidal waves swamp the Alaor and Bezantur, causing much destruction. Mulhorand briefly seizes the Alaor.
1370 Year of Tankard Thay retakes the Alaor and rebuilds its shipyards and settlements with the aid of epic-magic.
1371 Year of Unstrung Harp Mulhorand invades Unther, beginning the Third Mulhorand Empire. The Rotting Man's army overruns Dun-Tharos, driving the nentyarch into exile at Yeshelmaar.
1372 Year of Wild Magic Deep Imaskar ends millennia of isolation by sending explorers into the outside world. Volcanic eruptions in the Smoking Mountains bury the Citadel of Black Ash under lava.

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