Abbreviated Timeline of Faerûn


Year Event
-20000 By this time, the elven realms of Eiellûr, Orishaar, Syòrpiir, and Thearnytaar are established in the forests around the Lake of Steam. To the south lies long-established Illythiir and to the north and west are Aryvandaar and Illefarn.
-17800 Elven realm of Keltormir is established in the great forest that stretches from present-day Amn (Bowl of the Gods) down to the shores of the Shining Sea.
-14000 Tribal barbarian clans of humans roam Keltormir.
-12000 Crown Wars of the elves begin.
-11700 Tethir, the first elven dragonslayer, slays Xaxathart the Retributer. Human clans settle in the clearings and meadows created by the dragon fires around Keltormir.
-11200 elven realms of Eiellûr, Orishaar, Syòrpiir, and Thearnytaar fall to the Ilythiir. The Ilythiiri skirmish with the elves of Keltormir.
-11000 Dwarves establish the first holds of Deep Shanatar in the southern Underdark, beneath the Almraiven Mountains and the Lake of Steam.
-10500 Dark Disaster engulfs the elven kingdom of Miyeritar in killing storms.
-10450 Fourth Crown War: Ilythiir's elves make open use of corrupting powers granted by evil gods.
-10270 Stone and Claw Campaigns: The withdrawal of Keltormir's forces to defend its own borders pits the forces of Aryvandaar and Ilythiir against each other.
-10000 Corellon's magic, directed through his priests and High Mages, transforms the corrupt Ilythiir and others into the drow, who retreat into the Underdark. Elven Court forms in the eastern woods, later named Cormanthor.
-9600 Rise of the first drow civilizations in the Underdark beneath southern Faerûn.
-9000 Crown Wars end. High Forest is abandoned so the gods might restore its peace. The Wandering Years of elven colonization begin. Many elves migrate to the Elven Court in its eastern forest. Illefarn and Keltormir are the sole realms to emerge intact from the Crown Wars.
-8600 Evereska founded in secret by surviving clans of Eiellûr, Miyeritar, and Orishaar as an elven haven in the woods east of Aryvandaar.
-8500 Fire-sundered and otherwise ravaged, the forest of Keltormir fragments into three separate forests.
-8100 Eight dwarven realms unite and form the empire of Shanatar, which is ruled from the Wyrmskull Throne/t.
-7800 djinn arrive in the area of present-day Calimport and build the Calim Empire.
-7790 Calimport falls before a flight of dragons. Calim begins a campaign against the dragons of the Marching Mountains and drives them north from the peaks.
-7690 djinni noble Calim reaches an accord with the elves and dwarves and the borders of his empire halt at the southern banks of the River Agis.
-6800 Memnon the efreeti arrives north of the River Agis. He begins building the country of Memnonnar.
-6500 A group of elves, mainly survivors from Syòrpiir, settle the great forest now known as the Chondalwood.
-6500 Era of Skyfire. Memnon and Calim bring their forces to bear one against the other in twenty-two cataclysmic battles over the next four centuries.
-6100 Era of Skyfire ends with elven high magic binding the noble genies Memnon and Calim in eternal struggle. Creation of the Calim Desert.
-6060 Humans oust the last genies of Calim's realm. These lands become the human nation of Coramshan. Calimport and Keltar are rebuilt.
-5960 High Shanatar is founded by the dwarves along the River Agis.
-5800 Jhaamdath is founded north of the great forest now known as the Chondalwood. Jhaamdath eventually meets Coramshan near the Lake of Steam, and the two empires struggle for centuries over control of this area.
-4700 Elves settle Eaerlann.
-4400 Drow and duergar destroy the Elven Court and the dwarven nation of Sarphil.
-4005 A truce between Coramshan (soon renamed Calimshan) and Jhaamdath ends the war and limits their expansion over the Lake of Steam.
-3983 Birth of the elven kingdom of Cormanthyr.
-3900 Establishment of Delzoun, the Shield Kingdom of the dwarves.
-3859 Villages on the shores of the Narrow Sea combine for mutual protection. The new realm is named Netheril.
-3830 Elves of Eaerlann open dialogues with Netheril. Humans begin to learn magic from the Eaerlanni elves during the following decade.
-3605 Orcs pour from the Spine of the World but elves turn them back in a great slaughter with help from fledgling Netheril. This orc incursion lasts nineteen years.
-3533 Nether Scrolls are uncovered in the ruins of Aryvandaar, and the humans soon abandon the magic taught by the elves for greater power.
-3520 Elves of the North begin aiding the escapes of gnome slaves from Netherese captors, helping them move south and east across Faerûn.
-3419 Netherese approach the dwarves of Delzoun at Ascore to conduct trade. After three years of deliberation, they set up a trade route through the safest and most heavily patrolled sections of the Underdark.
-3095 One set of the Nether Scrolls is stolen by elves of Cormanthyr and secreted away by the High Mages.
-3000 Hunting clans and fishing villages on the Sword Coast North unite under a single leader. The humans call their new community Illusk.
-2954 first floating city rises above Netheril.
-2637 In Chult, the deity Ubtao founds Mezro.
-2600 last of the known dwarves of High Shanatar fall in battle against the Tavihr Dynasty of Calimshan. The dwarves seal the last known entrance to Deep Shanatar.
-2550 Ulutiu, a minor sea deity, exiles himself to the Astral Plane. His ice necklace sinks, creating the Great Glacier.
-2488 Empire of the Imaskari in Raurin is destroyed.
-2381 Beholders plague the Alimir Mountains. The bakkal of Calimshan is assassinated and the Tavihr dynasty ends.
-2135 Mulborand founded.
-2103 A horde of orcs, led by giants and their ogre generals, razes the human civilization of Illusk.
-2087 Unther founded.
-1967 First Mulhorand-Unther War.
-1961 Mulhorand and Unther agree on a common border, the River of Swords.
-1900 Caltazar Hills come under regular attack from the beholder nations around and beneath the Lake of Steam.
-1838 great red wyrm, Ylveraasahlisar the Rose Dragon, conquers and rules Calimshan.
-1726 Ylveraasahlisar is slain by the Cajaan noble family.
-1700 Calishite nobles begin hunting elves in the northern forests as a pastime.
-1570 Zazesspur, a simple fishing town, becomes a fortified city and center of the Emir of Tethyr's rule.
-1428 beholders of the Alimirs swarm out of the mountains and conquer every city in Calimshan and Iltkazar.
-1402 Drakhon priest-princes leads the nation of Calimshan to freedom from the beholders.
-1400 attacks on the Caltazar Hills by the beholder nations of the Lake of Steam end.
-1088 First record of trading at the future site of Waterdeep.
-1087 wizard Thayd leads a rebellion of wizards against Unther and Mulborand.
-1081 Thayd and his conspirators are defeated. He is executed, but prophesies that Mulhorand and Unther will decline.
-1075 Orcgate Wars in Thay.
-1071 Orc god Gruumsh kills Mulhorand deity Re in the first known deicide.
-1069 Orcs in Thay defeated; many flee north and west.
-900 Rise of Narfell and Raumathar.
-790 Night Wars begin: Drow attack outlying reaches of the Calimshan Empire.
-680 Year of Creeping Thieves Calimshan begins to colonize the Lake of Steam.
-553 Year of Plentiful Wine Shadow Plane discovered by Netherese wizards.
-530 Year of Meager Means Night Wars between the drow and Calimshan end.
-461 Year of Bold Pioneers phaerimms begin to cast the spells that create Anauroch.
-425 Year of Ancestral Voices Netherese settlers refound Illusk is a magocracy.
-387 Year of Shattered Walls Calishite-controlled Zazesspur is sacked in a surprise attack by Tethyrian barbarians.
-349 Year of Bold Poachers Netherese wizard Saldrinar destroys Kisonraathiisar, the dragon ruler of Westgate, and becomes the city's first human king.
-339 Year of Sundered Webs Karsus causes the fall of Netheril, and most of its cities fall to earth and are destroyed. Mystryl is destroyed but is reborn as Mystra, who alters the function of magic to prevent such an event in the future. Anauria, Asram, and Hlondath (the survivor states of Netheril) established.
-314 Year of Four Princes first recorded clash between sharns and phaerimms occurs.
-311 Year of Patient Traps As the phaerimms' magic drain depletes more of their available power, several of Netheril's archwizards abandon their cities and relocate to parts unknown. Civil unrest rises in some cities.
-288 Year of Eight Lightnings Calimshan accedes independence to Tethyr and its people.
-286 Year of Foul Awakenings Westgate falls during the course of a single night to a small army of elite mercenaries led by the vampire Orlak.
-255 Year of Furious Waves Jhaamdath falls to elven high magic as a great wave is summoned to scour the southern shores of the Inner Sea. The coastline of the present-day Vilhon Reach is formed. The survivors head north and settle the lands of present-day Cormyr, Sembia, the Dalelands, and a portion of the Vast.
-212 Year of High Thrones Battle of the Purple Marches forces the second Calishite surrender of Tethyr. Darrom Ithal is crowned the King of Tethyr.
-200 Year of Stonerising Candlekeep founded; Calendar of Harptos begun. The humans who are to become the first of the Dalesfolk cross the Dragon Reach to the southern region of Cormanthor.
-160 Year of Stone Giant Narfell and Raumathar destroyed.
-153 Year of Starry Shroud Proeskampalar, later renamed Procampur, is founded by dwarves and quickly becomes an important trading partner of Westgate.
-133 Year of Silent Screams Great sea storms erupt along the Sword Coast. A tidal wave envelops the city of Velen in Tethyr, decimating its population.
-111 Year of Terrible Anger Illusk falls again to orc hordes.
-100 Year of Black Unicorn Delzoun falls to encroaching phaerimms and other dangers; surface citadels survive.
-75 Year of Leather Shields Witches of Rashemen choose the first Iron Lord of that nation.
-68 Year of Discordant Destinies Many lightfoot and ghostwise halflings depart Luiren.
-52 Year of Choking Spores First permanent farms in Waterdeep area.
-33 Year of Harpist's Delight Asram falls victim to a plague, from which there are no survivors.
1 Year of Sunrise Standing Stone is raised by the elves of Cormanthyr and the Dalesfolk. Start of the Dalereckoning calendar.
10 Year of Dreams Netheril region renamed Anauroch.
20 Year of Fallen Fury human Calendar of Harptos adopts the elven holiday of Cinnaelos'Cor (The Day of Corellon's Peace) and renames it Shieldmeet, celebrating it every four years since.
25 Year of Many Runes Church of Deneir founded.
26 Year of Opening Doors Cormyr founded by Obarskyr family.
27 Year of Shadowed Blades Start of the Age of Shoon in Calimshan.
37 Year of Dark Venom Five tidal waves strike Calimshan, destroying between a third and two-thirds of each of the five port cities of the nation.
75 Year of Clinging Death Plague racks the civilized lands (Calimshan, Lake of Steam, Vilhon Reach). Alaundo the Seer arrives in Candlekeep.
111 Year of Fallen Guards Anauria is destroyed. by an orc horde, though it also destroys the horde. Orc numbers are reduced for centuries in this area.
112 Year of Tusk Cormyrian cartographers create the first map of Cormyr, Cormanthor, and the Dalelands.
168 Year of Scattered Stars Halaster's Hold is built near Waterdeep's farms. Halaster Blackcloak begins creation of the great dungeon of Undermountain.
171 Year of Unkind Weapons elves of Cormanthyr destroy the sole surviving temple of Moander in the northern forest at the site of modern Yülash. From this time forward, Moander remains a lurking evil trapped beneath the ruins of his final temple.
241 Year of Hippogriff's Folly Elminster Aumar enters the city of Cormanthor to serve Mystra's will.
244 Year of Elfsands Evereska's existence is discovered by nonelves, though the secret is kept for centuries by the human tribes of the Greycloak Hills.
261 Year of Soaring Stars elven city at the heart of Cormanthor becomes the unified city of Myth Drannor with the raising of a mythal
273 Year of Delighted Dwarves first migration of dwarves arrives at Myth Drannor in three small clans from Ammarindar and Citadel Felbarr.
284 Year of Fallen Flagons A halfling migration hundreds strong arrives at Myth Drannor from Tethyr via the first open portals
324 Year of Freedom's Friends Harpers at Twilight are formed in secret deep in Elven Court woods by Dathlue Mistwinter, the Lady Steel.
329 Year of Closed Scroll Hlondath's grain fields are consumed by the expansion of Anauroch, and the city-state is abandoned, its folk migrating east to the Moonsea or south into the Dales and beyond.
376 Year of Leaping Hare Ashar Tornamn of Valashar extends the borders of the Shoon Imperium to the High Moor. The army of Crown Prince Azoun I of Cormyr drives Shoon forces back through Amn, Tethyr, and Valashar before sacking Ithmong and returning home.
379 Year of Seven Stars Seven mages build the first school of wizardry open to all the races of Myth Drannor.
384 Year of Dreaming Dragons Silverymoon Ford, a lowly wood and rope bridge, is built across the River Rauvin.
449 Year of Killing Ice Silvyr Ithal marches to Ithmong and takes the crown as the rightful King of Tethyr, sparking rebellion in Tethyr and Amn. Silvyr is killed in combat by Amahl Shoon VII.
450 Year of Corrie Fist Prince Strohm of Tethyr avenges his father by slaying Amahl Shoon VII and ending the Age of Shoon.
480 Year of Winter Sphinx Lyonarth, a white-furred androsphinx, claims the crown of Westgate.
482 Year of Blighted Vine Northern cities begin to become independent of Unther.
523 Year of Trials Arcane Rise of Phalorm, the Realm of Three Crowns in the North.
574 Year of Gored Griffon Silverymoon rises to become a small trading post town.
615 Year of Lamia's Kiss Winter Sphinx of Westgate falls prey to the charms of the lamia Nessmara, who has assumed the guise of a gynosphinx, and they rule in tandem. Phalorm falls to humanoid hordes.
616 Year of Ensorceled Kings A visiting wizard shatters the illusions guarding Westgate's lamia queen, and she and the androsphinx battle to the death.
627 Year of Bloodcrystals Ecamane Truesilver and his nine apprentices arrive in Silverymoon. The mages create a school of magic patterned on elven teachings.
640 Year of Fanged Beast First mining and trading encampments at Zhentil Keep.
659 Year of Hunting Ghosts Many wizards migrate to Silverymoon and begin establishing its role as a sister city to Myth Drannor.
668 Year of Telling Tome Halaster Blackcoak of Undermountain begins magically abducting wizards from Myth Drannor.
679 Year of Scarlet Sash Hillsfar is nearly destroyed by an army of deepspawn-bred monsters emerging from the Beast Marches to the west. Unther is forced to recognize the independence of the cities on the southern fringes of the Yuirwood.
694 Year of Ominous Oracle first divinations and portents of the approaching doom of Myth Drannor arrive via the diviner Dareassan. This knowledge is kept from the public to prevent a panic.
708 Year of Bound Evils Three battalions of elven mages battle a resurgence of evil beasts and cultists of the fallen god Moander near the site of his fallen temple. Three fiends are freed from their extradimensional prison and build an army of orcs, goblins, and other evil creatures.
710 Year of Toppled Throne Drow attacks in Cormyr claim the lives of three noble families of the realm; while believed dead, most of the nobles survive as slaves in the Underdark. A gate to the Abyss opens above the palace of Westgate, and a large host of tiefling warriors invades. The leader of the tieflings, Iyachtu Xvim the Baneson, seizes the throne of Westgate.
711 Year of Despairing Elves Late in the autumn, the Army of Darkness (led by the three fiends) overruns the mining encampments on the western Moonsea. The Weeping War begins on the Feast of the Moon as the Army of Darkness engages elven patrols and destroys many villages and clan enclaves in Cormanthor.
712 Year of Lost Lance Weeping War continues through the year, resulting in the deaths of many heroes and most of the Harpers at Twilight.
713 Year of Firedrake war at Myth Drannor rages on, though the allies manage to eliminate two of the three fiends leading the Amy of Darkness.
714 Year of Doom Myth Drannor falls under siege by the Army of Darkness. Only two hundred elves and allies out of three thousand escaped to tell of its passing.
720 Year of Dawn Rose Gathering of the Gods at the Dancing Place inspires the refounding of the Harpers. In attendance are all fifteen of the Harpers at Twilight who survived the previous decade, including Elminster and Khelben Arunsun.
734 Year of Splendid Stag reign of Iyachtu Xvim comes to an abrupt end in Westgate as he is forced by a host of mercenaries to flee the city.
756 Year of Leaning Post Fisherfolk settle in Aglarond.
796 Year of Gray Mists Merrydale becomes Daggerdale following vampiric infestation.
863 Year of Wondrous Sea Chultan city of Mezro disappears.
864 Year of Broken Branch Beneath Calimport, the lich Rysellan the Dark founds the Twisted Rune, a group of undead spellcasters with plans to control the world through subtlety and intrigue.
882 Year of Curse Demons take control of the elven citadel Ascalbomn, later known as Hellgate Keep. Fall of the realm of Earlann.
900 Year of Thirsty Sword Civil war erupts in Chondath. The Vault of the Sages is built in Silverymoon.
902 Year of Queen's Tears Rotting War in Chondath decimates the country. Chondath renounces claims on Sembian city-states. The Cult of the Dragon creates the first dracoliches.
906 Year of Plough Shadowdale founded.
913 Year of Watching Raven Sembia founded under the Raven banner.
922 Year of Spouting Fish Battle of Thazalhar in Thay. Red Wizards declare Thay independent of Mulhorand. End of the Second Mulhorand Empire.
929 Year of Flashing Eyes Chessenta rebels against Unther.
934 Year of Fell Wizardry First Thayan invasion of Rashemen.
937 Year of Turning Wheel Thesk founded along the Golden Way.
974 Year of Haunting Harpy Castle Waterdeep built.
975 Year of Bent Coin Telflamm established as a royal city-state.
976 Year of Slaying Spells Mulhorandi invasion of Thay repelled.
1018 Year of Dracorage Death of Tehazzar, unifier of Chessenta. Sapphiraktar the Blue comes from the Calim Desert and destroys Calimport and Keltar.
1021 Year of Howling Axe Thay strikes against the Harpers. Harpers go underground.
1022 Year of Wandering Wyvern Refounding of the Harpers.
1030 Year of Warlords Zulkirs established as rulers of Thay.
1032 Year of Nightmaidens Ahghairon, premier mage of the North, saves Waterdeep and creates the Lords of Waterdeep. The city grows into the largest in the North.
1038 Year of Spreading Spring Glaciers retreat. Lands of Narfell, Vaasa, and Damara are fully free of ice. Large-scale immigration begins to these lands. Aencar declares himself king of the Dales.
1065 Year of Watching Wood Humans and elves in Aglarond agree to peace, electing a half-elf, Brindor, as the first king of the new kingdom of Aglarond.
1074 Year of Tightening Fist Zulkirs quell rebellions and rule in Thay.
1090 Year of Slaughter Battle of the Bones. Followers of Malar mount the Great Hunt.
1095 Year of Dawndance Imphras unites Impiltur.
1097 Year of Gleaming Crown Imphras crowned king of Impiltur.
1099 Year of Restless New trade routes forged. First modern contact with Kara-Tur and Zakhara.
1117 Year of Twelverule Chessenta breaks up into city-states through 1154 DR.
1150 Year of Scourge Plague throughout the Sword Coast. Worship of Talona and Loviatar soars. Khelben Arunsun arrives in Waterdeep.
1164 Year of Long Shadows pirate Immurk the Invincible raids a merchant-ship of Procampur, capturing the coronation crown of Cormyr's new king. Palaghard I. This marks the rise of piracy in the Inner Sea. The nations of the Inner Sea begin building their own warships, seeking to defend their merchant fleets and hunt the pirates in their own lairs.
1179 Year of Stalking Satyr Malaugryms attack Arunsun Tower but are turned back by Khelben, Elminster, and an assortment of Waterdeep mages.
1180 Year of Sinking Sails Sembia loses fleet in Pirate Isles.
1182 Year of Tomb malaugryms are discovered in Facrûn. Start of the Harpstar Wars.
1194 Year of Bloody Wave Battle of the Singing Sands. Aglarond defeats Thay.
1197 Year of Sundered Shields Battle of Brokenheads. Aglarond bests Thay.
1209 Year of Blazing Banners plundering of the pirates is curtailed after a massive confrontation outside the Dragonisle by the combined forces of Sembia, Impiltur, and Cormyr.
1222 Year of Horn Harpstar Wars end with the destruction of the Harper King.
1232 Year of Weeping Wives Destruction of Sessrendale by Archendale.
1235 Year of Black Horde Largest orc horde in history masses out of the North and engulfs the Sword Coast in war. Waterdeep besieged. Many Calishite nobles slain.
1237 Year of Grotto Thesk and Aglarond ally.
1241 Year of Lost Lady A well-respected Tethyrian noblewoman is captured and slain by orcs. In her memory, orcs are wiped out throughout the South.
1242 Year of Yellow Rose Monastery of the Yellow Rose founded in Damara. The venerable wyrm Anaglathos arrives in Turmish and stages a coup.
1245 Year of Pain Loviatar worship gains great popularity - most of the modern temples in the North are founded.
1247 Year of Purple Basilisk Anaglathos overthrown in Turmish by popular rebellion and slain by adventurers.
1260 Year of Broken Blade Many peace treaties signed this year. Halacar of Aglarond is poisoned and his sister Ilione, tutor to the Simbul, takes the throne.
1261 Year of Bright Dreams Manshoon claims his seat on the Zhent council. Manshoon founds the secret organization of the Zhentarim.
1280 Year of Manticore Thay nearly conquers Mulhorand before being repulsed.
1298 Year of Pointed Bone Lhestyn, the Masked Lady, infiltrates the Shadow Thieves guild and exposes it. Within the span of one bloody week,. the Shadow Thieves of Waterdeep are either dead or fleeing.
1306 Year of Thunder Moonsea War. Mulmaster vanquished by alliance of other cities. Vangerdahast of Cormyr founds War Wizards. Moradin's Thunder Blessing begins, causing dwarven populations to multiply.
1307 Year of Mace Azoun IV of Cormyr born.
1312 Year of Griffon Darkhold seized by the Black Network as Manshoon slays its lich-queen. Teziir founded on the Dragonmere.
1316 Year of Gulagoar Teshendale becomes part of the Zhent lands.
1317 Year of Wandering Wyrm Great Plague of the Inner Sea, also called the Dragon Plague.
1320 Year of Watching Cold Simbul becomes queen of Aglarond.
1321 Year of Chains Harpers are reorganized. Twilight Hall founded in Berdusk.
1323 Year of Dreamwebs Thayan wizards attempt to control others through dreams, but the plan is thwarted.
1333 Year of Striking Falcon Amnian Trade War. Founding of the Council of Six, unification of Amn.
1336 Year of Highmantle Azoun IV takes the throne of Cormyr. The Zhentarim conquer Daggerdale.
1340 Year of Lion Battle of the River Rising in Featherdale between the forces of Sembia and the Cult of the Dragon.
1344 Year of Moonfall Retreat of the elves from Cormanthor begins.
1345 Year of Saddle Plagues claim many among the Sword Coast port cities south of Baldur's Gate.
1347 Year of Bright Blade Zhengyi the Witch-King rises in Vaasa. Alemander IV dies in Tethyr. Tethyrian civil war begins.
1350 Year of Morningstar Elminster retires to Shadowdale.
1351 Year of Crown Warlock's Crypt discovered. Plague in Baldur's Gate.
1352 Year of Dragon Barbarians of the Ride destroy Zhentarim force en route to Glister.
1353 Year of Arch Night Masks become secret rulers of Westgate.
1355 Year of Harp Zhentil Keep takes Citadel of the Raven as its own. Retreat of elves from Cormanthor reaches its peak. Yülash falls in civil war. Zhentil Keep and Hillsfar move troops to Yülash.
1356 Year of Worm Lashan of Scardale attempts to take over the Dalelands and fails. Cormyr seizes Tilverton. Flight of dragons over the Dales and Moonsea. Death of Syluné of Shadowdale. Mithral Hall reclaimed.
1357 Year of Prince King Virdin of Damara killed in battle with Zhengyi the Witch-King. Horustep III (age 11) takes the throne of Mulborand. Moander, god of corruption, is accidentally woken from a magical slumber and causes much devastation before being banished.
1358 Year of Shadows Time of Troubles: Gods walk Toril. Destruction of Bane, Bhaal, Gilgeam, Ibrandul, Myrkul, and other deities. Ascendancy of Cyric and Mystra. Dead magic and wild magic areas appear.
1359 Year of Serpent Zhengyi the Witch-King is destroyed. Damara united by Gareth Dragonsbane, who is soon crowned as its king. Tuigan horde united beneath Yamun Khahan. Tuigan horde battles Thay. Szass Tam negotiates with the horde and allows it to pass through Thay to attack Rashemen, where it is defeated by the Witches.
1360 Year of Turret Tuigan horde invades Faerûn. Crusade against the Tuigan. King Azoun IV kills Yamun Khahan.
1361 Year of Maidens First Banedeath begins as a holy war in Zhentil Keep. Orthodox Banite worship driven underground in that city by clerics of Cyric. Explorers from Amn discover Maztica.
1363 Year of Wyvern Mezro reappears.
1367 Year of Shield Tethyr's Reclamation Wars begin.
1368 Year of Banner Cyricists begin the Second Banedeath. Zhentil Keep is destroyed. Hellgate Keep is destroyed.
1369 Year of Gauntlet Reclamation Wars of Tethyr end with the coronation of Tethyr's Queen-Monarch Zaranda and King Haedrak III. Randal Morn reclaims the throne of Daggerdale. Xvim is freed from his prison under the ruins of Zhentil Keep and becomes a lesser god. Trade with Maztica hampered by attacks from sea creatures. Fzoul becomes leader of the cult of Xvim and converts many holdouts of Bane to worshiping Xvim.
1370 Year of Tankard Trade between the sea folk of the Sea of Fallen Stars and ports along the Inner Sea increases sharply in the aftermath of a great undersea war. The Shaking Plague decimates Scardale. War in southern Amn as ogre mages and their minions ally with the temple of Cyric. Fzoul Chembryl forges the Scepter of the Tyrant's Eye. Manshoon is slain by Fzoul and the Zhentarim purged of Manshoon's supporters, giving Fzoul control over most of the organization. Several clones of Manshoon awake at once and create havoc as each tries to claim the Zhent wizard's possessions and place.
1371 Year of Unstrung Harp Harpers divide into factions because of the departure of Khelben the Blackstaff, and these conflicts are only grudgingly held at bay by greater issues. A red dragon leads an army of orcs and goblins and despoils much of Cormyr. The dragon and King Azoun IV slay each other in battle, leaving an infant heir on Cormyr's throne. Evermeet is nearly destroyed by a sneak attack of rebel elves and drow. Mulhorand invades Unther. The Silver Marches is declared a new country.

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