History of Cormanthyr


Year Event
-4000 Coronal Kahvoerm Irithyl becomes the ruler of Semberholme, Jhyrennstar, and the Elven Court, which unite into Cormanthyr.
-3983 city of Cormanthor is founded with the summoning of the Rule Tower.
-3095 High mages from Cormanthyr steal one set of the nether scrolls and hide them away for safekeeping.
-2900 Coronal Kahvoerm dies, and Coronal Sakrattars Irithyl becomes the new ruler of Cormanthyr.
-2600 Drow from Maerimydra begin construction of the Twisted Tower.
-2549 Twisted Tower is completed, despite repeated attempts by the Fair Folk to halt its construction. The drow begin to build up their presence there.
-2439 Drow use dark magic to burn an enormous swath of the southern Rystall Wood in an attack known as the Spiderfires. The magical fires sever the woodlands surrounding the Twisted Tower from the rest of Rystall Wood and widen the cleared lands between those areas and Cormanthyr.
-2200 Guardian Paramours, lovers banned by their families from seeing each other, become the first baelnorns sworn to the coronal and Cormanthyr.
-1910 Coronal Sakrattars sacrifices himself in battle against the drow dwelling in Uvaeren and the Twisted Tower. The Crownblade chooses Coronal Sinaht Irithyl as the third Coronal of Cormanthyr.
-1535 Ylraphon is established among the eastern woods across the River Lis.
-1400 Coronal Faahresc of Rystall Wood initiates a series of raids on the Twisted Tower and the Underdark caverns held by the drow.
-1354 combined forces of Rystall Wood and Cormanthyr rout the majority of the drow from the region of Rystall, the ruins of Uvaeren, and the crag known as Old Skull. They fail to take the Twisted Tower, and many drow manage to escape.
-1338 Coronal Miirphys Irithyl, a priest of Sehanine Moonbow, becomes the fourth Coronal of Cormanthyr.
-1293 Crescent Court, Cormanthor's temple to the elven goddess of the moon, is constructed.
-1200 Netherese arcanists summon three powerful nycaloths (each a servitor of Malkizid, the Branded King) to test the defenses of Cormanthyr. The Khovanilessa, or Trio Nefarious, causes much destruction before elven high mages finally manage to imprison its members with epic magic.
-982 Venominhandar, an ancient green dragon, settles in the Tangled Vale (now the Vale of Lost Voices) with his mate. Both become known as Venom, since no one realizes that two great dragons live in the southern woods. Over the course of nearly six centuries, the dragons extend their demesne to encompass the woodlands stretching from the River Verire. (the Ashaba) to the Old Etven Court.
-800 Connak becomes Coronal of Rystall Wood. Synnorha Durothil becomes a baelnorn to guard the Library of the Durothils.
-791 Tanfiivh Irithyl becomes the fifth Coronal of Cormanthyr.
c. -750 Drow raids on Cormanthyr and Rystall Wood begin in earnest. The Twisted Tower expands twice during the next few decades.
-722 Ylraphon falls to orcs in the summer, two seasons after drow raiders severely weaken its defenses.
-612 Year of Sudden Mourning Eltargrim Irithyl, seventh son of Coronal Tannivh, is born in Semberholme.
-470 Year of Perdition's Flame Cormanthyr and Rystall Wood form an alliance against the drow of the Twisted Tower. The Shadow Wars begin.
-331 Year of Shadows Fleeting Twisted Tower falls to the forces of Cormanthyr and Rystall Wood and their good-aligned dark elf allies. The nigh-impregnable fortress is rededicated as a temple to Eilistraee. The fleeing drow make off with the Warblade and the body of its wielder, Lord Orym Hawksong.
-310 Year of Glassharks Coronal Tannivh allows small groups of reformed, surface-acclimated drow to settle in the remote forest east of Cormanthor.
-291 Year of Setting Suns General Halfiar Audark and a small company of elves begin hunting the green dragon known as Venom, slaying many lesser wyrms and beasts in the process.
-249 Year of Silver Wings Audark's warriors slay Venominhandar's mate, mistakenly believing her to be the one and only Venom. In revenge, Venominhandar slays Audark's entire army, and the valley is thereafter known as the Vale of Lost Voices.
-223 Year of Burning Briars Eltargrim Irithyl becomes the sixth Coronal of Cormanthyr.
-206 Year of Elfsorrows Jassin Aunglor slays Venominhandar and himself by collapsing the wyrm's cavernous lair on top of them both.
-205 Year of Good Hunting Iliphar Nelnueve becomes ruler of the colony forests in the Forest Country (Cormyr) when he bests the black dragon Thauglorimorgorus. Orc hordes engulf Rystall Wood.
c. -200 Chondathan emigrants, ancestors of the Dalesmen, settle in the southern reaches of Cormanthor (modern-day Sembia).
-75 Year of Leather Shields Teshar is founded in the cleared lands between Cormanthyr and Rystall Wood.
-64 Year of Gleaming Frost Rystall Wood falls to giants and ores. Some survivors remain in Yrlaancel, the City of Peace; others migrate to Cormanthyr.
-9 Year of Fell Traitors A wizards' cabal called the Circle of Flames forms in the city of Cormanthor.
1 Year of Sunrise Standing Stone is raised by the elves of Cormanthyr and the Dalesmen, ratifying the Dales Compact and starting the Dalereckoning calendar.
20 Year of Fallen Fury human Calendar of Harptos adopts the elven holiday of Cinnaelos Cor (The Day of Corellon's Peace) and renames it Shieldmeet. The new holiday is celebrated every four years.
26 Year of Opening Doors House Obarskyr founds the human realm of Cormyr with the permission of the Fair Folk of the Forest Country.
68 Year of Echoing Chasm Saeval Ammath is born into House Ammath of Cormanthyr.
75 Year of Clinging Death god Moander hurls his forces and the "creeping evil" against the elven city of Tsornyl, blighting much of the surrounding woods. The high mages of Cormanthyr use their magic to sever the creeping evil from Moander and imprison the corruption at Tsornyl, thus weakening the Darkbringer's presence in Toril.
101 Year of Smiling Moon Josidiah Starym is born to the sun elf House Starym.
132 Year of Thirteen Prides Lost wizards of the Circle of Flames begin to record the Scrolls Ardentym.
146 Year of Risen Towers Aravae Irithyl, grandniece of Coronal Eltargrim, is born. Her mother dies in childbirth, making Aravae the only Irithyl heir.
163 Year of Screeching Vole Elmwood is established on the shores of the River Lis and the Dragon Sea.
171 Year of Unkind Weapons elves of Cormanthyr complete a two-year siege of the sole surviving temple to Moander in the northern forest, at the site of present-day Yiilash. After destroying the temple; the coronal and high mages of Cormanthyr use high magic to banish the Jawed God from Faerûn. Moander remains a lurking evil, trapped beneath the ruins, until the Year of Shadows (1358 DR)
194 Year of Coiling Smoke good dark elves who tend the temple to Eilistraee are slaughtered by a new infestation of drow from below. The Twisted Tower is restored as a drow military garrison.
199 Year of Cold Enchanter Hlondath initiates the Crown against the Scepter Wars, preventing Cormanthyr's armies from focusing on the drow.
220 Year of Sword Violets Coronal Eltargrim opens the forests of Cormanthor to non-elves, extending particular welcome to druids, great wizards, and craftworkers who can add to the glory of Cormanthyr.
241 Year of Hippogriff's Folly Elminster Aumar, Prince of Athalantar, enters the city of Cormanthor.
261 Year of Soaring Stars With the raising of its mythal, Cormanthor becomes the unified city of Myth Drannor and is opened to all non-elves.
262 Year of Pages Perilous Five major houses - Bharaclaiev, Hyshaanth, Rhaevaern, Starym, and Tellynnan - plus several minor families and numerous individuals quit Myth Drannor for purely elven holdings in Cormanthyr and elsewhere.
266 Year of Unspoken Name A number of murders in eastern Myth Drannor turn many immigrants against each other. The culprit turns out to be a bigoted servant of House Ammath.
273 Year of Delighted Dwarves Three small dwarf clans from Ammarindar and Citadel Eelbarr arrive at Myth Drannor.
284 Year of Fallen Flagons Thousands of halflings migrate to Myth Drannor from Meiritin and Tethyr.
292 Year of Frostfires first settlement of gnomes arrives in Myth Drannor.
307 Year of Sundered Sails Akh Velahr (the army of Cormanthyr) opens its ranks to non-elves.
308 Year of Promise Cormanthyr threatens Hlondath with destruction unless its forces cease hostilities. The intermittent Crown against the Scepter Wars come to a close.
324 Year of Freedom's Friends Dathlue Mistwinter, the Lady Steel, forms the Harpers at Twilight in secrecy.
329 Year of Closed Scroll Hlondath succumbs to the relentless creep of the Great Desert of Anauroch.
330 Year of Roused Giants Arun Maerdrym, the first half-elf born to a senior noble house of Myth Drannor, is accepted by the family's patriarch.
331 Year of Cold Clashes Orcs from Vastar attack eastern Cormanthyr and occupy land east of the Old Elven Court.
335 Year of Seven Stones orcs east of the Old Elven Court massacre one thousand soldiers of Cormanthyr in an attack known as the Darkwoods Massacre. The mysterious circumstances surrounding the incident are later revealed to be incompetence and bigotry among the officer corps.
339 Year of Vanished Foe Elf and human forces rout the orcs from eastern Cormanthyr. Velar, a hero of the conflict, founds Velarsdale (now known as Harrowdale) with the aid of his followers.
346 Year of Blushing Stars Saeval Ammath returns to Myth Drannor from the Desertsmouth Mountains with a red dragon egg.
348 Year of Dagger Saeval Ammath secretly hatches Garnetallisar, a red dragon.
351 Year of Dancing Deer An influx of Hlondathan refugees causes Yrlaancel to grow substantially. The city becomes known as Ondathel, Eldath's City of Peace.
358 Year of Battle Talons Saeval Ammath's red dragon is proven humble and trustworthy and granted leave to dwell within Myth Drannor by Coronal Eltargrini, despite wards preventing chromatic dragons from entering the city's mythal.
379 Year of Seven Stars Seven Wizards establish the first school of wizardry open to all races of Myth Drannor.
386 Year of Dawn Moons Arun Maerdrym, called Half-Elven by the nobles, joins the Harpers at Twilight.
398 Year of Warning Ghost Seven evil dragons attack Myth Drannor and are driven off at the cost of many lives.
414 Year of Omen Stars Arun Maerdrym fathers an unnamed human son who will in time become the legendary Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun.
449 Year of Killing Ice Arun's son leaves Myth Drannor to bring the teachings of the City of Song to other lands.
462 Year of Empty Helm To allay the fears of his nobles, Coronal Eltargrim orders a halt to the construction of new homes within Myth Drannor and curbs the immigration of non-elves.
479 Year of Forestsfrost Teshar falls.
500 Year of Flame Tongue Josidiah Starym launches an expedition to recover the lost Warblade from the drow. He temporarily seizes the Twisted Tower in hopes of proving his worth to marry Aravae Irithyl.
503 Year of Galloping Gorgon Coronal Eltargrim appoints the first two halfling armathors of Myth Drannor in recognition of their bravery in destroying a cult of Moander-worshipers.
512 Year of Wyvernfall Orcs out of Vastar threaten Cormanthyr with war.
519 Year of Phoenix Sammkol Thistlestar, one of the halfling armathors of Myth Drannor, is assassinated at the behest of House Selorn.
523 Year of Trials Arcane Younger members of the Starym clan return to Myth Drannor, claiming lordship of the clan and its moonblade. After a secret trek to Moander's ruined temple, Lord Illitran Starym corrupts the Starym moonblade and manages to wield it in a false show of loyalty to Myth Drannor.
536 Year of Laughing Lich Alokkair the Wizard-King founds Hlontar amid the ruins of Teshar.
555 Year of Dances Perilous Ondathel's high mages raise a mythal over their city and rename it Myth Ondath.
569 Year of Tumbled Bones Hlontar falls.
610 Year of Spellfire Vastar falls to the Stout Folk of the Vast, who found the kingdom of Roldilar.
619 Year of Orcsfall Orcs of the Thunder Peaks swarm into western Cormanthyr and the Dales, but combined human and elf forces manage to turn them back at Tilver's Gap.
632 Year of Burning Skies Ice Queen's army, led by the lich Vrandak the Burnished, lays siege to Myth Ondath.
633 Year of Chasms Myth Ondath is destroyed, mythal and all, by the Ice Queen's use of the artifact known as the Gatekeeper's Crystal.
649 Year of Bloody Crown Roldilar falls to orcs in a bloody conflict known as the Battle of Deepfires. Some dwarf refugees flee to Myth Drannor.
656 Year of Peaceful Seas Circle of Flames completes the Scrolls Ardentym.
661 Year of Bloody Tusk Coronal Eltargrim passes on to Arvandor. The high mages of Cormanthyr order the Mourning Days to begin.
664 Year of Falling Petals Aravae Irithyl, heir to Coronal Eltargrim, is found mysteriously dead the morning after Shieldmeet. The Mourning Days are continued.
666 Year of Stern Judgment Mourning Days over the deaths of Coronal Eltargrim and Aravae end, prompting a ceremony to choose the next coronal. Forty elves are slain and the Rule Tower is destroyed before the Srinshee takes the Crownblade and disappears from Cormanthyr.
667 Year of Austere Ceremonies Council of Twelve begins ruling Cormanthyr in the absence of a coronal.
670 Year of Many Floods Vault of Ages, where the elves had stored many of the oldest and greatest treasures of Cormanthyr, is found empty. Drow occupy the forest surrounding the ruined temple of Moander. After twenty months of warfare, the Fair Folk drive them back into the Underdark.
672 Year of Angry Caverns Many dwarves of Myth Drannor migrate north to the southern shore of the Moonsea, where they reoccupy the western mines of Sarphil.
673 Year of Covenant Hillsafar (modern-day Hillsfar) is founded.
674 Year of Nomad Josidiah Starym returns to Myth Drannor bearing not the expected Warblade, but the lost Artblade. He is named commander of the Akh Faer.
679 Year of Scarlet Sash Hillsafar is nearly destroyed by an eruption of monsters from the Beast Marches to the west.
684 Year of Sundered Crypt Dwarves of the Tarynstone Clan are exiled for tunneling deep below Myth Drannor, an act forbidden by the city's laws.
690 Year of Clashing Blades Incanistacum, school of the Seven Wizards, is disbanded by the last of their number.
694 Year of Ominous Oracle Darcassan, the diviner of Windsong Tower, reveals the first portents of the fall of Myth Drannor, but the Elders of the Tower keep the information secret. The Circle of Flames and the mages of Windsong Tower quietly begin transporting spellbooks and magic items to safety beyond the city.
708 Year of Bound Evils Garnetallisar inadvertently fulfills the condition that frees the Trio Nefarious from its magical prison.
711 Year of Despairing Elves Weeping War begins when the Trio Nefarious and its Army of Darkness invade northern Cormanthyr.
712 Year of Lost Lance Army of Darkness destroys the Harpers at Twilight. Garnet the red dragon attacks the Army of Darkness with some success but vanishes in the midst of the battle.
713 Year of Firedrake Cormanthyr's forces slay two members of the Trio Nefarious. Myth Drannor's citizens begin to evacuate the city. The Twisted Tower falls once again to the drow, marking the refounding of the Lands under Shadow in western Cormanthor.
714 Year of Doom Myth Drannor falls to the Army of Darkness, although Captain Fflar Starbrow Melruth slays the last member of the Trio Nefarious. The Elven Court once again becomes the seat of elven power in Cormanthyr, and the nation is barred to non-elves.
720 Year of Dawn Rose Elventree is established so that Cormanthyr can continue to trade with non-elves.
1344 Year of Moonfall elders of the Elven Court order the Retreat. Most moon elves and sun elves depart for Evermeet.
1370 Year of Tankard drow return to Cormanthyr in large numbers.

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