Weregund the Trader

Running the general supply store of the Dale, Weregund is the chief active merchant in town and regularly deals with traders and costers which pass through. Most equipment listed in the Goods costing less than 100 gp can be found in his shop. There is a 10% chance that an item costing more than 100 gp but less than 500 gp may be found there. Nothing that costs more than 500 gp is normally found there. Weregund can order items from Cormyr and Hillsfar and expect delivery within two weeks. He is also a purveyor of the Aurora's of Waterdeep catalog chain. Weregund is a uncompromising coward, his cowardice being only exceeded by his greed. He has a son (Dabragund), a daughter (Dletagund), and a wife (Meershand).

Shadowdale (1368 DR).