Watcher's Knoll

Watcher's Knoll is a good sized hill with a open clearing at the top. The clearing is dominated by a large pillar or plinth that has settled severely, so much so that it leans dramatically to the north. This plinth is easily scaled, and as such has served as a watchtower since the times of Aencar the Mantled King.

Seventy years ago Watcher's Knoll was the site of a religious massacre of a scope not seen in the Dale since. This was during the reign of Joadath, who was a stiff-necked and inflexible agnostic. During his reign all public forms of religion were outlawed, and his edicts were enforced by like-minded men and women in his guards. The followers of Tyr would meet and hold services on Watcher's Knoll in secret until they were found out by Joadath's spies. At least 20 and perhaps 40 individuals died on the snowy drifts of the Knoll that winter morning. For Joadath, it was the beginning of the end, in that his actions eventually led to his own destruction.

Watcher's Knoll is also the burial site of Lord Aumry, Joadath's successor, and his wife Lady Sylune. When Aumry was slain (by Jyordhan), so great was the respect for Lord Aumry that his tomb was carved out of the solid rock by combined force of elves, dwarves, and humans. His body was burned, as was his wish, and the ashes were placed in a stone coffin, over which were laid his magical staff and cloak. During the reign of Jyordhan, the tomb was broken into, an the staff removed. However, if the rumors of a powerful curse placed upon the tomb against robbers were true, the staff could not have traveled far before coming into the hands of new owner. With the death of Sylune seven years ago at the claws of a flaming red dragon, her ashes were interred alongside her beloved.

Watcher's Knoll is today a quiet curiosity visited by elves, members of Tyr's faith (who leave flowers) and young lovers looking for a quiet meeting spot. Only in times of great danger (such as an invasion from the North) is it used for its earlier purpose.

Shadowdale (1368 DR).