The House of the Lady

The temple to Tymora is the oldest temple in the Shadowdale area and is built on the same site as an earlier temple (listed as being to Tyche) abandoned and burned during the reign of Joadath. Just as Chauntea (and earlier, the druids) represents one of the major forces in the Dale with the farmers, Tymora represents the other in adventurers.

The temple of Tymora is established on the far bank of the Ashaba and is surrounded by a low wall to protect it against wild beasts and the more blatant marauders. It is dominated by the golden dome of its main temple, beneath which services are held. The temple is a frequent goal of adventurers seeking information, quests, and healing -- particularly healing.

The ranking priest of the House of the Lady is Preceptress Eressea Ambergyles (CG human female Clr8), who has held the position for a surprising and eventful 10 years. Assigned in the Year of the Bow (1354 DR) from her native church in Arrabar far to the south, Ambergyles assumed she would soon be replaced once the temple was established. However, her successor disappeared at sea, and was nor replaced, leaving Eressea, by nature a wandering priest, with the task of maintaining the faith in Shadowdale.

The preceptress has succeeded in her task to a great degree, making the faith a very popular one in the area and the temple one of the stronger pillars of the faith in the region, rivaled only (and perhaps exceeded) by the Tymoran church in Arabel.

Preceptress Ambergyles has seen her faith go through some very tough times, including a massacre at the hands of Bane's forces in the Time of Troubles. The temple recovered well from the damages inflicted and was reconsecrated, but a new matter from that time has vexed Ambergyles. When the gods returned to earth, Tymora appeared in Arabel. The church in Arabel has as a result declared itself to be the central church of the faith, with all others being subservient. This is against the independent nature of the Tymoran faith, and as one of the closer sister churches, Ambergyles has been leading the argument against Arabel. As a result, relationships between the two temples and attendant organizations are strained.

Ambergyles is unable to raise the dead, having not risen far enough in her knowledge of the church. Her supporters are recommending that she take a leave of absence and gain sufficient experience to make that step, which will put the temple here on the same footing with those of Chauntea and Lathander. As it stands now, Tymora's faith in Shadowdale can handle lesser healing, and occasionally do more, depending on who is in town among Tymora's followers.

In addition to the preceptress, the church has three 5th level priests. The remaining 18 acolytes are priests of 1st-3rd level. In addition there are 28 lay followers of the church who live and work in the temple complex.

Shadowdale (1368 DR).