A Guide to Services

The following text aids DMs in getting the feeling and flavor of Shadowdale and its people, fleshing out the area to be more than just a few buildings for tavern brawls and healing up.

However, DMs may need a quick reference on who to see about particular matters. In this case, please refer to this table to determine who is the best person to contact and buy from:

Armor:Bronn Selgard, smith
Boardinghouse:Latha Brannon
Ceramics:Meira Lulhannon
Cloth and Clothing:Tulba the Weaver, Weregund the Trader
Employment, Adventuring:Old Skull inn, Twisted Tower
Employment, Honest:Elma Bestil (farmwork)
Farrier (Home-Shoeing):Bronn Selgard, smith
Festhall:Mother Tara
Fresh Bread:Meira Lulhannon
Fresh Fruit and Vegetables:Any of the farmers, but Luth Mlennon in particular
Glass and Glass-Blowing:Luth Mlennon
Healing:Hoareb Nimblefingers
Healing, Raising from the Dead:Temples of Chauntea and Lathander
Healing, Serious:Temples of Chauntea, Lathander, and Tymora
Homes:Bardag Shultu, Old Skull inn stables
Information:Elminster*, Meeting Post, Old Skull inn (ask for Jhaele or Luth)
Magical Items:Not readily available with the death of Erek the Alchemist
Masonry:Tethgar (large jobs include subcontracting to dwarves)
Merchandise, Exotic:Weregund the Trader; Jamble; Icehyill; the Twisted Tower
Merchandise, General:Weregund the Trader; Jamble
Taverns:Old Skull inn
Wagons:Hammerhand Bucko
Weapons:Bronn Selgard, smith; Weregund the Trader
Woodworking of All Types:Hammerhand Bucko; Durman Hilesta, Old Skull inn
*By appointment only (good luck).

Shadowdale (1368 DR).