Bronn Selgard

The town smith for nearly a generation, Bronn is renowned for his great strength (18, though he has no level or other character abilities). He maintains a very profitable and active business seeing to both the needs of the Dale and those travelers who pass through. He and his wife, Leath, have a large brood of children, many of whom have been trained in the family business. Bronn has three journeyman smiths - daughter Aleena, his eldest, and sons Surd and Doans - as well as a batch of apprentices, including daughter Traith, and sons Berr and Janth. Two other sons, Silmur and Helve, were slain in the First Battle of Shadowdale, and daughter Maela died in the Second Battle. Bronn has taken on two unrelated apprentices, Flakil and Mera, to maintain his business. Bronn and the tower smith, Gunthor, have an understanding - he doesn't go out of the way to take Tower business, and Gunthor leaves the local trade to him.

Shadowdale (1368 DR).