Millpond and Mirrorman's Mill

Located to the south of Shadowdale, this small mill operates under the flow of the Duck Race, a swift stream that flows into the River Ashaba to form the Millpond, a natural lake formed by the widening of the Ashaba.

The mill was built by the original Mirrorman, a hearty, boisterous man who founded it during the time of Aumry and Sylune at the request of the Witch of Shadowdale. Upon his death he was succeeded by his son, who was an evil young man who served as a spy for Jyordhan and the Zhentarim. With Jyordhan's fall, young Mirrorman disappeared, though he was said to have died at the hands of the Knights of Myth Drannor.

The mill is currently unoccupied, and the community lacks a regular miller. When the mill is needed, Mourngrym assigns troops to guard and mill the corn and wheat raised in the Dale. This he does for free as a service to the people, which is one reason that there has been no rush to replace the Mirrorman monopoly. Old millstones dot the banks along the side of the Millpond. (See Mills in the Realms.)

Shadowdale (1368 DR).