Morningdawn Hall

The most visually, ah, stunning building in Shadowdale is Morningdawn Hall, the temple to Lathander It rises from the surrounding countryside in the shape of a great phoenix, facing west. Its wings become two great turrets which command a view of the surrounding area. The and neck of the great bird contain sleeping rooms and offices. Its back is translucent. It is made of rose-tinted glass, magically strengthened and unbreakable, and faces the east. Morning is the time for services at the temple of Lathander and the congregation greets the morning rays in the great hall below this glass edifice.

As Lhaeo once diplomatically noted, "This building shows what can be done with magically enhanced materials." (To which Beregon Hillstar added, "It also shows why we shouldn't do it.") The great phoenix of Lathander is at odds with most of the other structures in Shadowdale and is treated with amusement by the (nonpracticing) members of the community.

Surprisingly, this is the second temple of Lathander on this site. The first was destroyed by the god Bane during the Time of Troubles (at that time, a celestial staircase, one of the ways to the godly planes, was located here). The second temple is reportedly every inch the exact replica of the first (say the Dalesmen, trying nor to crack a smile).

The temple is overseen by High Dawnlord Munro Cassimar (LG human male Clr10). Cassimar is from Sembia originally, sent by the church to spread the word in what Cassimar calls "This Barren Wilderness." (Cassimar is the type of individual to talk in capital letters.) Cassimar is vain, proud, and more than a little overzealous in his pursuit of both the truth and of pretty baubles to send to his home church. If he shows his superiors he can produce, he hopes to be transferred closer to civilization. Cassimar is capable of raising the dead, and charges heftily for it. He is also not above sponsoring adventuring companies who seek out new treasures "for the greater glory of Lathander."

High Dawnlord Cassimar is aided in his work by his assistant Rewel Thunderstorm (NG human male Clr3) who held the position of religious leader in Shadowdale briefly and oversaw the rebuilding of the church after the Time of Troubles. Rewel is a good, faithful Lathanderian, and well liked by the community. He seems to spend his time trying to head off Cassimar's wild schemes and dreams. He secretly also hopes that Cassimar impresses his superiors so that he will be called to leave Shadowdale. This event would probably help the local opinion of the faith.

In addition to Cassimar and Rewel, there are seven priests of 1st-2nd level and 11 lay followers who live and work in the temple complex.

Shadowdale (1368 DR).