Beregon Hillstar

Beregon is a retired farmer who has had a long bout of misfortune. He has handled it with a quiet manner that has earned him the respect of his fellow villagers, such that Beregon is often the spokesman for delegations of townspeople to Mourngrym's court. Beregon's wife died in the Year of the Worm (1356 DR). His son Lhurt was killed in the Battle of Shadowdale. Beregon lives with his sister Milda and his daughter Pelda, and both help him farm the Tower Farm. Beregon sold part of his lands to the Temple of Lathander and abandoned the remainder when the Dwarven Sink collapsed in on itself. Beregon also holds the title to the land that was Erek the Alchemist's house.

Beregon's Barn: Still part of the Beregon estate, the barn has been unused since the Time of Troubles. Beregon is thinking of selling this property as well.

Shadowdale (1368 DR).