Fox Ridge

This low ridge to the north and east of the community is named for its plentiful foxes, a common pest to the farmers of Shadowdale. The northern face is a cliff face the height of an average human male, and is pock-marked with a series of cavern entrances, ranging from burrows to man-sized caverns.

It is said that the largest entrance leads to an old tomb which dates to before the drow times and has been used by adventurers and others as a hiding place for arms, gold, food, and former comrades. Beyond this region is a great cavern known as the Grinding Gulf, where flying boulders cascade in magical (and destructive) dances. Elminster and Florin Falconhand examined this part of the cave a decade ago, but merely determined that it did not present an immediate threat, and as such did not press past the Grinding Gulf.

Shadowdale (1368 DR).