Elf Leap

A rise of ground to the north and west of Toad Knoll and Castle Grimstead, this hillock has steep cliffs to the south and east. It is here that, according to local legend, the last of the Glittering Band met their end. A pair of elven rangers, newly married just hours before by the Band's priest, fled the wreckage of the burning castle to this site, where they were surrounded by drow forces. They were called upon by the drow commander to surrender. The pair kissed, drew their weapons, and leapt to their deaths onto the spears of the drow attackers.

So goes the legend, which was one of the epic tales popularized some 300 years ago (and remains popular to this day). That there are no witnesses who have spoken about this matter is cheerfully ignored in favor of the romance of the tale.

However, there are recurring reports of hauntings on elf leap, and banshees are the listed cause, either being the spirits of the lovers or the drow they killed before falling to the spears of their enemies. The truth of this matter is left to the DM to determine.

Shadowdale (1368 DR).