Hammerhand Bucko's House

Hammerhand Bucko, the local carpenter, is a sarcastic, intelligent, mulish, and strong-willed individual capable of calling a fool what he is and willing to back it up. His wife Leeta and he are childless, but Hammerhand has taken on a large number of apprentices over the years whom she mothers. Current apprentices include Skulp, Fennir, Tulpas, Naith, and Typyas. All are young men except for Typyas, who is a young woman who was masquerading to learn a trade from the staunchly chauvinist Hammerhand. When Hammerhand discovered the deception, he was livid and would have thrown her out if she were not his best student. Typyas is currently Hammerhand's head journeyman and will likely take over the business when he retires.

Hammerhand's Wagons & Woodwork: This is Hammerhand's place of business and where his apprentices sleep (except for Typyas, who has her own quarters with the Buckos). Most carpentry and wagon repairs are done at reasonable prices.

Shadowdale (1368 DR).