Hyne Bestil's Farm

Hyne Bestil was once an angry, whining man, an irritant to his neighbors and family. However the Time of Troubles seems to have wrought a change in him, such that now he is open-handed, friendly, and willing to help out people he knows who have trouble. He is one of the best-liked people in the community and frequently serves as a father-confessor for all the small gossip in the town - chiefly because he does not pass any of it on. Hyne lives with his wife, Merna, and his three sons, Britaria, Huld, and Krayan. Hyne's sister-in-law Elma Bestil once said, "I know that the gods coming down to earth caused a lot of problems, but if they were responsible for Hyne acting like a human being, so much the better."

Shadowdale (1368 DR).