The City of Scardale

At one time the largest and most important town of the Dalelands, Scardale today has, less than one-half its pre-war population. Hundreds of natives were slain in the battles that ended Lashan's career, and hundreds more have fled into the countryside to avoid the occupation.


1. Harborwatch Keep. Formerly the seat of the Aumersair family, the Keep now houses Lord Myrian Beechwood and his provisional government. The Keep also abides dozens of advisors, courtiers, ambassadors, and others and is constantly seething with intrigues and plots. The Keep is used as the base of operations for the new Scardale Watch, but is also full of armed diplomats from the occupying powers.

5. Four Dolphins Fountain. Raised more than 200 years ago, this lovely fountain is a meeting place for the folk of Scardale. It has the unusual property of magically blocking scrying or eavesdropping attempts for those in the immediate area, and so it is a favorite spot for people planning treachery or exchanging information.

7. The Spouting Fish. A quiet inn favored by merchants and sailors, the Spouting Fish is owned by Yhelsed Cablehand (NE human male Rog3), a man who is secretly employed by the Zhentarim. Yhelsed keeps track of the vessels entering or leaving port, and their cargoes, and reports this information to the Zhentish compound.

8. The Singing Siren. Rowdy and dangerous, this tavern is favored by mercenaries and black marketeers. The proprietor is Ulfgang Halfhand (LE human male Ftr7), who is a lieutenant in Aldavius Darkhand's organization. Characters desiring contact with Darkhand will be often be sent through Ulfgang first.

9. Northend Tower. This fortification has been claimed by Aldavius Darkhand as a base of operations and stronghold. The tower is defended by a number of thugs and hired swords, and is rumored to be filled with contraband and stolen loot of all kinds.

10. Zhentilar Compound. The Zhents are allowed only 12 soldiers in Scardale, but it is no secret that the actual number of Zhentish soldiers is closer to 10 times that figure, once local "auxiliaries". (actually mercenaries and thugs) are counted. The Zhents are easily the single strongest force present in Scardale, but the other powers are sworn to ally against the Zhents if need be.

The Zhentish garrison is commanded by an ambitious wizard of the Zhentarim named Ithana Redstave (LE female human Wiz9). The Black Network has big plans for Scardale, and is working to first establish control over Myrian Beechwood, and then propose the end of Scardale's "occupation" - leaving Scardale as a Zhentish puppet state. Ithana is currently working on a plot to frame the Hillfarians for a series of murders.

The Zhentilar compound is surrounded by a makeshift wall and is effectively a self-contained fortress within Scardale. Many of the nearby buildings have been purposely razed to provide for a clear field of fire from within the compound walls.

11. The Wash Rocks. A number of jagged boulders and hidden shoals make this coastline very dangerous. However, the rugged strand is also perfect for concealing smuggling activities, and many rogues take the chance of striking a rock or losing a cargo in order to avoid detection by one of the garrisons.

12. The Sea Stallion. An Impilturian galley wrecked about six years ago, the Sea Stallion is now manned by a Zhentish artillery team who use its catapults to command the nearby waters. The Zhents have not fired on anyone recently.

15. Cormyr Garrison. The Cormyreans are led by Truent Tyranon (LG human male Ftr8), a seasoned warrior entrusted with delicate diplomatic matters. The Cormyreans are tiring of the Scardale standoff and are considering a withdrawal, but are reluctant to leave while Zhentil Keep holds the upper hand.

16. Sembian Garrison. The Sembians are tiring of the standoff as well. Unlike the Cormyreans, they feel that they are close to resolving matters in a fashion favorable to themselves. For years, Sembian gold has been pouring into Scardale, building new businesses and repairing the damages of the war. The Sembian sector is the most peaceful and prosperous of the occupied areas in the war-torn city, and continue to improve.

The Sembian garrison is commanded by Rhellan Trollgrip (N human male Ftr7), who in turn follows the orders of Lady Sashesh. The Sembians have secretly compromised the mercenary garrisons provided by Tasseldale and Harrowdale, and can count on the sellswords to serve Sembia in any serious confrontation.

18. Tasseldale Garrison. As noted above, the Sembians have secretly bribed the Tasseldale garrison and command their loyalties. The Tasseldale garrison is composed of a detached element of the Talonshield mercenary company, based in Ordulin. The company is commanded by a Tasseldalesmen officer, a mairshar named Hareth Windtamer (LG human male F4.) Hareth doesn't know that his mercenary troops have had a change of heart concerning their service.

21. Harrowdale Garrison. The Seven Burghers originally sent a detachment of their Grey Rider company to occupy Scardale, but soon recalled them and replaced the loyal Dalesmen with a large adventuring company known as the Sword of Yhaunn. Over time, the original adventurers moved on and were replaced by mercenaries who had already been bought by the Sembians. The Harrowdale garrison is now openly in the Sembian camp, and the Harrowdale ambassador has written to the Seven Burghers to request the release of the mercenary troops and new, loyal soldiers.

22. Lady Sashesh, Representative of Sembia. Several powerful Sembian merchants harbor ambitions against Scardale. It is no secret that many Sembians would like to see Scardale as a Sembian city. Lady Sashesh (LN human female Ftr5/Rog8) is a wealthy merchant and trade liaison who represents these merchants and works to control Scardale through dominating trade and the occasional bribe.

Scardale (1368 DR)
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