Harrowdale-town 1368 DR


Some of the interesting locations in the town include:

2. The Council Hall. The seat of Harrowdale's government is the Council Hall, built 90 years ago. Six members of the Watch are always on guard while the Seven Burghers are meeting.

3. Halvan's Keep. After Halvan the Dark perished in the Elvenwoods and the Burghers came to power, this fortress fell into disuse. It is supposedly haunted by the ghost of Halvan himself, and local legend holds that Halvan's treasury is concealed somewhere in the dungeons beneath the castle. Thirty years ago a fire left the keep in ruins.

5. Harrow Point Light. This small lighthouse marks Harrow Point, a common reference for sailors in these waters. The lighthouse is maintained by an old salt named Hesketh (LG male human F2), who is a remarkable source of local information, rumors, and legends.

7. Watch Barracks. The Dale court and town brig are also found in this same building. At this time, there are no prisoners in the town jail.

12. Fishermen's Huts. A number of Harrowdalesmen earn a living as fishermen. Their boats litter the beach at night and are out to sea before sun-up every morning. The fishermen only live a few short yards from their boats, and their small houses are festooned with sails and nets needing repair, interesting pieces of driftwood, and other nautical odds-and-ends. The fishermen's leader is Belrovur (NG male human F1), an aging seaman who is known for his quiet wisdom.

13. Two Rocks. This island in the center of Harrowdale harbor is supposed to be the site of buried pirates' gold. Many searches of the rocky islet have revealed nothing to date. The Council is considering building a battlement and catapult platform on the islet to guard the town's harbor from buccaneers.

Harrowdale (1368 DR)