Highmoon - Deepingdale 1368 DR

Deepingdale's only major community is Highmoon (Large Town, 3,505).

Located on a major trade road between Cormyr and Sembia, Highmoon guards the entrance to Thunder Pass. It has been growing steadily over the years, and may in time grow to be a major city.

Highmoon is a prosperous, exciting town with a constant influx of adventurers, merchants, and wanderers. Caravans going east and west often hire mercenary guards here, and rumors abound of elven treasure to be found in the nearby forests.


1. Rhauntides' Tower. Built 30 years ago by the wizard Rhauntides, this small tower overlooks the town. Rhauntides (CG male human Wiz12) is known as the Sage of Deepingdale and lives here with his lady-love Shaunil Tharm (CG female human Wiz7.) Rhauntides is known as a friend and correspondent of Elminster's, and often helps good adventurers.

2. The Rising Moon. This rowdy inn and tavern is owned by a retired adventurer named Gorstag (LG male human Ftr8.) Gorstag is still handy with his battle axe and keeps the peace in his taproom.

5. The High Market. Highmoon's market attracts a large number of Cormyrian and Sembian merchants, who purchase the Dale's harvest and sell cloth and spice to the farmers and townsfolk.

10. The Tower of the Rising Moon. One of the oldest landmarks of Highmoon, the Tower was raised by a half-elven hero more than 300 years ago. Its horned towers have been the symbol of Deepingdale ever since. It is the seat of the lord of Highmoon, and is garrisoned with a small force of guardsmen. Adventurers will find that Theremen Ulath is an easy-going, informal ruler who tries to make time for any who want to see him.

11. Lord's Barracks. The Watchmen of Highmoon operate from these sturdy barracks. There is also room to accommodate the elven archers who form Deepingdale's standing army, but the companies are almost always out patrolling the Dale. A smaller building in this area is the town's armory, storing hundreds of swords, helmets, spears and shields.

12. Workers' Camp. The laborers who are building Highmoon's walls live here in a brawling tent city. Many of the workers are foreigners and outlanders, and the watch is hard-pressed to keep peace in the camp on the evening of payday.

14. Darian Stables. Riding and draft horses are bred here by Alamus Darian (N male human Ftr4), a native of distant Impiltur. Darian also sells tack and harness. There is a 25% chance that Darian has an animal or warhorse in training at any given time.

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