Dagger Falls 1368 DR

The largest community of Daggerdale, Dagger Falls has been under Zhentarim rule for decades. While the Zhents could take the rest of the Dale if they pushed hard, it appears that they are satisfied with Dagger Falls. Their efforts have been devoted to holding the town.

Dagger Falls is a rough-and-tumble frontier town. The Zhentish garrison is composed of brigands and looters, and the native Daggerdalesmen defend their own territory while avoiding involvement in anything that doesn't concern them. Dagger Falls is a place of intrigue and treachery.


1. The Teshford Arms. Owned by a stout middle-aged matron named Olavia, the Teshford Arms is a poor inn with pretensions of grandeur. Olavia demands 2 gp for a night's stay. She kicks back 1 gp of this to the Constable to ensure her inn is "insured" against accidents.

2. Dulwar Leatherworker. Dulwar (NG male human Rog8) is a wiry man who moved here a few years ago. A secret member of Randal's fighters, Dulwar operates a safehouse and escape network under the cover of his leatherworking and tanning.

3. Fulgath's Caravan Supplies. Most basic provisions and anything useful to merchants on the road can be purchased here, but at a 200% markup over standard prices. Items carried include tools, chests, crates, wagons, wheels, tack and harnesses, and other necessities. Fulgath (NE male human Rog2) is a dishonest, short-dealing rogue.

4. The Red Rock. This ramshackle tavern is frequented by folk of the surrounding countryside. It is run by a retired minstrel named Kessla (CG half-elf female Brd6.) Kessla cooperates with Dulwar and other Morn sympathizers in town.

5. Temple of Lathander. Once the largest temple of the city, this structure burned in a mysterious fire eight years ago, Many priests failed to escape the flames. Lathander's hierarchy plans to rebuild the temple and guard it with experienced fighters and priests.

6. The Broken Dagger. This dismal taphouse is the very epitome of rough-and-tumble bars. Bored Zhentish soldiers and mercenaries congregate here. Few nights go by without a brawl or killing. The Broken Dagger is owned by Tharwin One-eye, a retired Zhentish tracker (LE male human Ftr7.)

7. Zhentarim Warehouses. Zhentish caravans come up from Teshwave and then proceed westward into the great desert Anauroch. Very few people know what the Zhentarim are moving west. The warehouses are well-guarded, and are stocked with arms, materials, and slaves.

9. The Garrison. The Zhentish and mercenary troops stationed in Dagger Falls live in this enclosure.

10. The Constable's Tower. This reinforced tower is the home of Constable Tren and his picked guards. It sits at the town's highest point. Sightseeing adventurers are turned away with a sneer.

11. Eagles' Eyrie. Rising above the town is the rocky knoll called Eagles' Eyrie. Local legend states that an ancient dwarven delving lies under the hill.

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