Waterdeep Locales

Sea Ward



Originally just an area of mud flats on the city's western seaside, the area south of the West Gate ($72) has been covered with sand and turned into a beachfront. While only used as such at the height of summer when water temperatures rise to near-tolerable levels, Sea's Edge Beach is also used for reflection, solitude, and as the terminus of Auril's Blesstide Cliffs Run.


Waterdeep's only public park outside the City of the Dead is a large, lush area of grass, trees, and ponds once covered by the sprawling school of wizardry known as the Tower of Yintros. A number of statues decorate the area, including large marble statues to the Open Lords Baeron and Lhestyn (in her guise as the Masked Lady). It is often the scene of adventurers retelling tales of their exploits to others and attendant local children. The watch and the local citizenry tend to the park, which means they keep the park free of debris and prevent would-be heroes from carving their names into the trees. (The Company of Crazed Venturers did so anyway several decades back.)

The Catacombs of Yintros lie beneath Heroes' Garden.


This huge open-air stadium is the site of many spectacles staged for the populace of Waterdeep. From late spring to late autumn, thousands of people flood through the awe-inspiring Lion Gate to witness shows of magic, martial skills, horse races, and monstrous exhibitions of creatures big and small. The Field also acts as a public forum for such important public events as the Open Lord's proclamations to the city and special gatherings for foreign dignitaries.


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