Crimmor, City of Caravans - Map


City of Crimmor Map Key

  1. The Thaeldorn (court, civic building, mayors residence)
  2. The Pearl (luxury inn)
  3. Tymoran Trails (inn)
  4. Sorntalar's Rest (inn)
  5. Chauntea's Cradle (temple)
  6. The Theater of joy (shared temple of Lliira, Milil, and Sune)
  7. Allfaiths Altarhall (many-faiths shared shrine)
  8. Crystalgates Manor (Krimmevol family mansion)
  9. Durndraaven Manor (Ophal family mansion)
  10. Gaskrel's (boarding house)
  11. Ivyposts (boarding house)
  12. Redbanners House (boarding house)
  13. Brightshields (boarding house)
  14. Alessan House (boarding house)
  15. Suldrakh's (boarding house)
  16. Moongables (boarding house)
  17. Delthorn's Haven (boarding house)
  18. Melpurth House (boarding house)
  19. The Emir's Court (tavern: excellent, expensive)
  20. Drovers' Drink (tavern: fair, moderately priced)
  21. Ralory's Redtarge (tavern: poor, cheap)
  22. The Bright Fish (tavern: good, expensive)
  23. Athtel's (tavern: good, moderately priced)
  24. The Burning Wagon (tavern: fair, cheap)
  25. Darsil's Casks (tavern: poor, cheap)
  26. Braezel's (club: fair, moderately priced)
  27. The Dancing Drover (club: fair, moderately priced)
  28. Harnsar's Board (club: good, expensive)
  29. The Old Wheel (club: good, expensive)
  30. Salamantha's Sundown (club: excellent, expensive)
  31. The Zultail (club: good, expensive)
  32. The Pearl Stables
  33. The Trails Stables
  34. The Sorntalar Stables
  35. Safehaven Stables
  36. Aszrim's Stables
  37. Maunk's Safe Carriagehouse
  38. The Caravan Roof (Coach, Cart, and Wagon Storage), sharing premises with Thulmar's Coach Rentals & Repairs
  39. Delnur's Matchless Cart Rentals & Repairs
  40. Zoldaftel Wagons
  41. Rolling Wheel Wagons
  42. Hemmishield Carts & Carriages
  43. Nelvor's Wagons
  44. Eskel's Barges and Wagons
  45. Thelgorn's Cages, Tents, & Carts
  46. Longbow Wagons
  47. Quarren's Wagons
  48. Felnar's Faithful Beasts (horses, oxen, draft animals bought & sold)
  49. Xornavar's Armory (new and used weapons and gear)
  50. Clawthorn's Curios (creature parts, trophies, and distillates)
  51. The Blushing Rose Decorators (paints, trim, furnishings; statuary copied)
  52. Thulvan Importing (huge selection: Tethyrian crockery, Calishite brass)
  53. Maukbarl's Brewcasks (brewery)
  54. Crimmorquaff House (brewery)
  55. Julkin's Barrels (cider house)
  56. Kelvaert's Anvil (smithy: hasps, hinges, house fittings, locks and bolts)
  57. Undarr's Troughs, Spouts, Funnels, Pipes (smithy)
  58. Zorn Selvyn, Finesmith (wire, finework, tools, rings and fine fastenings)
  59. Melgor Darsander, Locks, Strongboxes, & Armor (smithy)
  60. Orntalar Chainworks (smithy)
  61. Darvo the Dwarf (smithy: repairs and swift-work)
  62. Engelstarn & Storm (smithy: ornate scrollwork, castings, inlays and plating)
  63. Handurzunn House (shop: fruit, roots, and vegetables)
  64. Gelkurt's Fresh & Finest (fishmonger and Alandor eel-pie bakery)
  65. Farhorizons House (herbs and spices shop)
  66. Imaego Invarr (butcher, smokehouse)
  67. Zornflames Bakery
  68. Maerlee's Window (bake shop)
  69. Haelvan Hardroll Cheeseworks
  70. Ivnarr Barrelworks (cooper)
  71. Bustran Telbanner, Caravan Carpenter (strongchests, caskets, carry-coffers, and custom-built crates)
  72. Vauve's Fine Scrolltubes, Coffers, and Jewelboxes (shop)
  73. Belnar's Bootery (shop: boots, shoes, leatherwork)
  74. Tethchaith's Saddles & Harness
  75. Roldskull's Tomes, Maps & Folios
  76. Paeraetor Luteworks & Trumpets (musical instrument shop)
  77. Yauncel Darth, Lore & Sagecraft
  78. Woazgoaz the Weaver (shop)
  79. Sangalorr Fine Flowers (shop: live plants of all sorts, scents, perfumes)
  80. Crytrapper Hall (Crytrapper family mansion)
  81. Crytrapper Hill (The Hillwarrens)
  82. Silent Hill (burial crypts)

City of Crimmor

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