Deities of Faerûn
Human Pantheon


Power: Greater deity
Title: Oak Father, Forest Father, Treefather
Alignment: N
Worshipers: Any Alignment
Clerics: LN, N, CN
Symbol: Green living oak leaf
Domains: Animal, Plant, Protection, Renewal, and Water
Portfolio: druids and wild nature
Psionic Mantles: Guardian, Life, Natural World, and Repose
Favored weapon: The Great Mallet of Silvanus (maul)
Specifically Opposed Deities: Malar, Talos, and Talona


  • Song of the Trees (Greengrass)
  • Dryad Dance (30 Flamerule - Night)
  • Song of the Trees (Higharvestide)

Popular Regions

  • Aglarond (Half-Elf)
  • Dalelands (Half-Elf)
  • Dalelands (Human)
  • Damara (Human)
  • Great Dale (Human)
  • Turmish (Human)
  • Vilhon Reach (Human)
  • Ashane (Spirit folk)
  • Forest of Lethyr (Volodni)