Deities of Faerûn
Drow Pantheon


Power: Lesser deity
Title: The Dark Maiden, Lady of the Dance
Alignment: CG
Worshipers: Female clergy only
Clerics: LG, NG, CG
Symbol: Long-haired drow woman dancing before a full moon
Domains: Chaos, Charm, Drow, Elf, Good, Lust, Moon, and Portal
Portfolio: beauty, dance, hunting, moonlight, song, and swordwork
Psionic Mantles: Chaos, Good, Freedom, and Light and Darkness
Favored weapon: The Moonsword (bastard sword)


  • The High Hunt (19 Ches - Vernal Equinox)
  • The High Hunt (20 Kythorn - Summer Solstice)
  • The High Hunt (21 Eleint - Autumnal Equinox)
  • The High Hunt (20 Nightal - Winter Solstice)

Popular Regions

  • Cormanthor (Elf)
  • Dalelands (Half-Elf)