Versatile Tyrant

Type: General
Source: Dragon #313

Through intense meditation and practice, you have learned how to swap eye rays between two eyestalks. Thus, you can use any given ray twice in the same round by activating it once in one eyestalk and a second time in another.
Prerequisite: Beholder.
Benefit: Choose one eye ray to duplicate. You can activate the duplicated ray from both its regular eyestalk and that of another eyestalk you choose in the same round when you activate this feat. The concentration required to transfer an eye ray in this manner puts a strain on your magical energies, so you can use one less eye ray per arc in the round when you use this ability. However, you can employ both uses of the duplicated ray in the same arc, if desired.
The suppressed ray does not function during any round when its stalk is used to deliver another ray, but it returns to normal on the following round. You may duplicate one eye ray once per round. An eye ray duplicated in one round cannot be used again the round following, although the eye ray suppressed for the round can be used normally in the round following the duplicated ray's use.