Servant of the Fallen

Type: Ancient, General
Source: Lost Empires of Faerûn

You keep alive the worship of a deity who has died or vanished. Your faith in this fallen deity allows you to wield divine magic in his or her name.
Prerequisite: Cleric level 1st, dead or forgotten god (for example, Amaunator, Bhaal, Moander, or Myrkul) as patron deity.
Benefit: You can name a dead god as your patron deity and still receive your cleric spells normally. In addition, you can call upon the universal remnant of your deity's power once per day to gain a +1 luck bonus on any single die roll. You can also be raised or resurrected normally.
Special: You can take this feat only once. Choosing this feat changes your patron from your previous deity to the dead or forgotten deity of your choice, and you take no penalties for making this change. If you later choose a different patron deity, you lose the benefit of this feat, but your new patron may grant you spells just as he or she would for any other cleric.
Normal: Dead or fallen deities cannot grant cleric spells, so clerics who choose such patrons do not normally receive spells. Characters who do not worship active gods in Faerûn suffer the fate of the Faithless in the Fugue Plane after death.
See Ancient Deities, page 41, Ancient Empires of Faerûn, for a list of notable dead gods, their alignments, and their domains.