Psionic Combat Buffer

Type: Psionic
Source: Web

You become more efficient at psionic combat.
Prerequisite: Minimum level 6th+, any other psionic combat feat*
Benefit: You have developed a psionic combat power point buffer that allows you to activate psionic attack and defense modes at 1/2 the normal cost (minimum 1 power point). You may choose to designate a maximum of half of your total power points per day as buffer points for use in psionic combat only (subject to available power points -- you cannot spend what you do not have). You can do this at any time, but charging the buffer is a full-round action. If in combat while charging the buffer, you are considered flat-footed for that round of psionic combat. You can use power points stored in the buffer only for psionic defense and attack modes, and they have a duration of 1 hour per manifester level. Once the duration has been reached, no additional power points can be placed in the buffer that day. Half of any unused points are returned to the character at the end of the duration; the remaining half dissipates harmlessly. The buffer may be dismissed at any time and is treated as though it had reached its duration.
Special: *Psionic combat feats that can be used as a prerequisite include Psychic Assault, Mental Adversary, Mind Trap, Psychic Bastion, Disarm Mind, and Mind Blind.