Mercantile Background (FR)

Type: Regional
Sources: Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
Player's Guide to Faerûn

You come from a wealthy family with numerous contacts in the trading costers and craft guilds of Faerûn's bustling cities. You can get a good deal on almost anything you buy or sell.
Region: Dwarf (the Sword Coast or Underdark [Darklands]), gnome (Lantan or Underdark [Northdark]), halfling (Amn), or human (Amn, Lantan, Sembia, Shou Expatriate, Tashalar, Tharsult, Thesk, Turmish, the Vast, or Waterdeep).
Benefit: When you sell weapons, magic items, or other adventuring goods, you get 75% of the list price instead of 50%. Once per month, you can buy any single item at 75% of the offered price. You also receive an extra 300 gp to spend as you see fit during character creation.
Special: You may select this feat only as a 1st-level character. You may have only one regional feat.